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Learn To Thrive Beyond Addiction and Mental Illness

Interventions is not about tough love and ultimatums. It is about helping the family understand that the cycle of co-dependency and enabling are preventing their loved one from wanting help and hitting bottom.

Is your loved one battling addiction, chronic pain, a mental health challenge, or a process disorder? Professionally interventions led by Patricia have a 92% success rate — meaning that the individual accepts treatment.

Families are often told that not much can be done until the substance user wants help or hits bottom. We are here to help your family understand that you don’t have to wait for your loved one to do either of those things.

We’re focused on helping families make a change. We understand the impact untreated addiction and/or mental health diagnosis has on the family.

CanAm Interventions offers help to families who are looking to help a loved one conquer their struggles with addiction or mental health cases. Our brand is proud of experienced professionals who are ready to help families today.

Why choose CANAM Interventions?

At CanAm Interventions, we help families, and their loved ones change the way they look at addiction and mental illness.

At, CanAm Interventions, our team of professional’s guides families and/or friends through various intervention approaches such as: traditional (Surprise Intervention Approach) or a Family Systemic (Invitational Intervention Approach) including post intervention aftercare and case management services.

At CanAm Interventions we specialize in working with complex addiction and/or mental health cases.

Treatment Plans that Match Clients with Evidence-Based Practices

We provide our clients with the necessary tools to overcome their challenges and get back to living more full and meaningful lives.

Full Intervention Services

Addiction is a disease of isolation and disconnection from others. Without treatment individuals and families cannot and will not recover.

Family/Client Case Management

No two individuals are alike, at CanAm Interventions, we understand this and tailor our interventions, case management and other professional services to meet the needs of each individual and family.

Traditional (Surprise) Intervention Approach:

Preparing for an un-invitational (surprise) approach intervention. A surprise intervention tends to get a bad rap.

Invitational Intervention Approach:

Preparing for an invitational intervention family meeting. A type of intervention model that seeks to heal the families.

Mental Health Interventions:

Mental health challenges are much more common than people realize. Mental health without treatment is progressive, marked by distress and/or problems functioning in life.

What is Case Management?

Providing professional accountability for individuals struggling with addiction and/or mental health challenges, coaching and navigating families.

CanAm Interventions Background

The number of individual’s suffering from addiction and mental health issues has risen dramatically over the last decade, with the recent pandemic worsening making substance abuse and mental health issues more dire to seek professional help.

At CanAm Interventions,we take pride in having the highest standard of education and on-site experiences for all our professionals who help us support the families who need it most. Our corporate affiliations included CCAPP,CACCF, AIS and PCB/CIP. All our staff are fully equipped to support families and their identified loved one(s) who are struggling with alcoholism, addiction and/or additional complex mental health disorders.

Recovery is a Lifelong Journey of self discovery and growth!


We Help Families, Help Their Loved Ones!

We helped hundreds of individuals and families struggling with addiction and mental health challenges. Patricia is a trained expert with over 25 years of professional experience, our programs have a high success rate and are proven to kickstart the recovery process. Our teams of professional interventionists offer a wide range of services aimed at various forms of addiction and mental health: drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, video games, and other behavioral problems. Don’t wait to change a life. You have the power to help someone you care about overcome the burden of addiction. Give us a confidential, toll-free call to learn more.


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