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At CanAm Interventions we specialize in working with complex addiction and/or mental health cases.

Treatment Plans that Match Clients with Evidence-Based Practices
We provide our clients with the necessary tools to overcome their challenges and get back to living more full and meaningful lives.
Full Intervention Services
Addiction is a disease of isolation and disconnection from others. Without treatment individuals and families cannot and will not recover.
Family/Client Case Management
No two individuals are alike, at CanAm Interventions, we understand this and tailor our interventions, case management and other professional services to meet the needs of each individual and family.


Education & Certifications

Master accredited certification in Addiction Studies

Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LAADC)

Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (IC&RC), (I.C.A.D.C)

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC-II)

Certified Intervention Professional (CIP)

Adult Instructor Diploma (AID)

Associations & Affiliations

Member: California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals

Member: Canadian Addiction Counselor Association Federation

Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the IC&RC

Education Provider: PCB, CACCF & CCAPP

Board Member: Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS)

Member: Network of Independent Interventionists (NII)

Helped Hundreds

Helped hundreds of individuals and families struggling with addiction and mental health challenges.

Draws both professionally and from her own personal journey, with over 29 years in recovery.

Passionate in advocating for individuals and their families struggling with addiction and mental health challenge.

Strongly  believes in having a direct, heart-to-heart conversation can start the road to recovery.

Standards & Ethics

Extraordinary success rate for helping those in need to access treatment and achieve recovery.

Helping to facilitate the healing process for the entire family.

Adheres to the standards of private practices, practicing confidentiality and the code of ethics.

We we specialize in working with complex addiction and/or mental health cases and consult with other professionals.

For general questions, specific to international and nationally Intervention training inquires, or training registration, contact us here, or email patti.pike@canaminterventions.com

Testimonials from Families!

Your active participation and dedication will be crucial to your success.

Patti worked with my son for over four years and helped us understand and cope with the mental health and addiction problems that he suffers from. As parents, it was hard to fully comprehend the depths of our son’s addiction and depression. We were always looking for some ray of sunshine that showed he was turning a corner and changing for the better.  Read More

We had to do an intervention with my son and found Patti after we asked for recommendation from some of the leading treatment centers in the country. She was amazing and has a magic gift in dealing with young drug addict in total denials. She helped us find the best treatment center for our son while we were overwhelmed navigating the endless centers with poor quality and no outcome data. Read More