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Patricia Pike,holding credentials such as LAADC, CADC-II, ICAADC, CIP, and CCIP, is the CEOof CanAm Interventions. She is a Licensed Addiction & Recovery Specialistand a Certified Intervention Professional.

Patricia Pike,With over 25 years of hands-on experience in behavioral health, Patricia has a specialization in alcoholism and drug addiction, prescription pain medication dependency, and complex mental health challenges, offering support services to individuals and their families across the United States and Canada.

Ms. Pike, along with her team at CanAm Interventions have a proven track record of conducting successful interventions globally.

Brief interventions and case management play a crucial role in providing support to individuals who may be hesitant to seek professional help. These non-traditional interventions involve a collaborative process that includes evaluation, assessment, treatment planning, and care coordination.

We recognize that each client is unique, with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in substance abuse and mental health issues. Our experience extends to supporting individuals with open court cases, restraining orders, hospital holds, and in devising treatment plans tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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We have over 25 years of experience working with clients, gaining a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding addiction and mental health conditions. We recognize the impact on families and friends as well. 

Intervention Services

Evidence has shown that some people have a genetic predisposition for developing mental and substance use disorders. Professional and family support can play a major role in helping a loved one with mental and substance use disorders.

Case Management

At CanAm Interventions, we provide wraparound services, tailored interventions, and case management to meet the client’s needs. With a variety of aftercare services, we want to find a solution that works for our clients and their families.

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals adept in various intervention and therapeutic techniques, allowing us to provide tailored support for individuals and their families affected by addiction, mental health issues ranging from mild to complex, and trauma.

During the initial interview, we help individuals acknowledge their challenges, identify behavioral patterns, establish goals for recovery or therapy, and select the most suitable treatment approaches for the client’s needs.

Our services encompass crisis management, both conventional and unconventional interventions, family coaching, and case management. The process may begin with handling a crisis or family coaching before undertaking a traditional or non-traditional intervention. Additionally, we provide therapeutic support for those not yet prepared to engage in a formal intervention.

Taking the first step towards change requires courage. We recognize the urgency of every situation and the difficulty in seeking professional assistance, but we are committed to this life-saving endeavor.


The journey of change begins with the first outreach for assistance. We treat each case with the urgency of a 911 call, recognizing that interventions and professional help can be life-saving for a loved one. We are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process, from the initial contact to our comprehensive after-care services.

We ensure guidance and support at every step, including a thorough aftercare plan as part of our services.

The CanAm model offers support services for individuals with complex mental health requirements. We facilitate mental health interventions and provide additional support customized to the unique needs of those coping with trauma and mental health issues. Family support is essential in assisting a loved one who is dealing with mental, and substance use disorders.

Our model encompasses crisis management, traditional and non-traditional interventions, family coaching, and case management. The initial step might involve addressing a crisis or providing family coaching before proceeding with a traditional or non-traditional intervention. CanAm’s method involves assessing each case individually, evaluating, and devising a tailored interventional case management plan to meet our client’s unique needs.

Substance abuse, mental health and family support!

 CanAm Interventions offers a range of wraparound professional services customized to meet the unique needs of each family. These services include tailored interventions, crisis and case management, counseling services, assessment & treatment placements, treatment aftercare services, recovery coaching and alcohol & drug daily monitoring services. 

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Community Awareness

Over the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of people struggling with substance and alcohol abuse, as well as mental health disorders. The recent pandemic, starting in 2019, has only exacerbated these numbers. The escalating crisis of opioid fentanyl, which is becoming increasingly lethal, further intensifies the challenges within our communities. Consequently, the urgency for professional intervention has never been more evident.

At Can Am Interventions, we recognize the challenges faced by families and their loved ones. We encourage you to reach out for an initial conversation. Book your complimentary 30-minute consultation call today!


Interventions will Interrupt Addictions & Mental Health Conditions

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Everyone has a story to tell. Our purpose is to help those find themselves and their voice again. 

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