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92% Success Rate – 25 years Experience in the U.S., Canada

Patti’s involvement with my daughter’s rehab has been and continues to be invaluable to my family. We would not have been able to get to this point in my daughter’s recovery without Patti’s consistently unwavering support, intervention expertise and advocating on behalf of my daughter. Walnut Creek, CA 2018

What is CamAm Interventions?

At CanAm Interventions, we are certified professionals following the code of professional ethics and confidentiality , adhering to the HIPAA laws in the United States and the Privacy Act laws in Canada. Patricia Pike, CEO of CanAm Interventions Services is an advocate for untreated persons and their families with addictions or mental conditions, providing treatment resources, to support families who are struggling with a loved ones addiction or mental health conditions.

Can Am Interventions includes; assessment of referrals, interventions, case management, treatment placement services. It was clear to Patricia with her 25 years of experience of helping many clients and families from all walks of life that interventions could be a great way to interrupt the progression of addiction or mental health conditions.

Anyone can be addicted to drugs or alcohol, the effects on the family can be devastating. An intervention is an unconditionally loving, non-judgmental, and factual confrontation directed by a professional in which friends and relatives perform a great act of love!

CanAm Interventions will facilitate Alcohol/Drug Interventions, Family Interventions, Treatment Referrals, Mental Health Interventions for adults & adolescents as well as high profile business and professional interventions. We help and serve people from all walks of life!

Treating Individuals and Families for over 25 years with locations both in San Francisco Bay Area ,California and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


“Where there is breath, there is hope.”

CanAm Interventions Vision:

Patricia Pike holds citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada that has given her much freedom to cross borders and to have a wide diverse cultural perspective of working both in the U.S. , and Canada . She is very familiar  with the social elements in her birth county of Canada and she has a clear understanding of the culture in the U.S.

After 17 years of working in the addiction and mental health field, Ms. Pike’s had a vision to  work internationally across the U.S. , and Canada’s borders. In 2011, she open a private practice intervention & case management professional services focusing on addiction & complex mental health and trauma and to facilitate treatment resources for untreated addicted persons and their families.

 At Can am Interventions, our goal is to break the cycle of addicted behaviors from the devastating cycle of addiction and complex mental health for adults, adolescents and their families. Our professional services include facilitation of drug & alcohol professional interventions , case management and sober support services, using a client-centered loving and caring approach .

Across Canada and the United States border, and across addictions, we will provide a caring yet effective and client centered individualized approach interventions, continuum of aftercare services for both the client and their families,  to start on the path of a family recovery story.

The objective of an intervention is to educate, facilitate change within the structure of the family and promote recovery. A intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby a loving family member and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and mental health , led by a trained addiction interventionist,  to help a loved one by providing them with an opportunity for recovery.

Professional Interventions interrupts, “The Cycle of Addictions”, helps  untreated persons and their families, create a story of Recovery. Reference from Network Times

CanAm Interventions – Our Story:

Patricia M. Pike Certified Interventionist & Addiction Specialist , (LAADC, CAADC II, ICADC & CIP ) is a trained expert with over 25 years of professional experience and 26 years of personal recovery. She draws from her professional,  personal skills and education background in the field of addiction and mental health. She holds an Master’s accredited certification in addiction studies and has conducted many successful interventions internationally and has helped literally hundreds of addicts & alcoholics and those suffering from associated disorders and mental health conditions.

Addictions is a global crisis and it has never been more important to have highly effective and ethical approaches for interventions from a certified and credentialed interventionists.Patricia has an extraordinary success rate for helping those in need of getting into treatment and recovery, as well as helping and facilitating the healing process for the identified addict’s families, friends, associates, and employers, and resolving the myriad complications and difficulties associated with addiction.

Her educational background includes; Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADAC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC II), long standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federation, Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor through the IC&RC (I.C.A.D.C), Board Certified Intervention Professional (CIP/PCB) through the Pennsylvania Certification Board and AID-Adult Instructor Diploma (AID)/Simon Fraser Extended Program.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), In 2015, more than 33,000 Americans died as a result of an opioid overdose, including prescription opioids, heroin, and illicitly manufactured fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid. Reference from NIH. 

Professional standards of private practices adhere to a professional associations,  practicing confidentiality and the code of ethics & laws.

Steps & Process to Interventions:


Sober & Transport Companionship:


Case Management & Aftercare: 

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