Recovery from Addiction

Early recovery from addiction is difficult. One of the most beneficial things a person who is new in recovery can do is get regular exercise.

There are many benefits in having good health hygiene and routine. For one, exercise reduces stress, as well as boredom. Stress can be very triggering. Exercise reduces the stress hormone levels in the brain. This means that exercise is essential in combating stress, it improves your mood (reducing symptoms of depression), aids in good health and healthy choices, assists with cravings and improves sleep.

After a rigorous workout, most people feel good about themselves. Feeling virtuous is beneficial in so far as a positive attitude can set you on a path for other successes and achievements. One may ask, is there a specific type of exercise that is more effective than others? It isn’t really about a certain type of exercise, just that it is done consistently.

Find something that is enjoyable and make a habit of it. Having fun in a sober way helps you feel like success on your path to recovery.
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