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 Best Practices for CVOID-19

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Addiction is a disease too. An estimate 69,029 people died from drug overdoses in 2019 and One million people died from alcohol-related causes between 1999 and 2017.

CanAm Interventions' responsibility during this time is to adhere to the CDC Coronavirus guidelines (Center for Disease Control) taking extra precautions to keep our team safe and meeting the needs of our clients following the quarantine guideline.

CanAm Interventions is committed to protecting the health of our clients and health care workers by providing information about nature and spread of COVID-19, including the symptoms and signs to watch for and the required steps to be taken in the event there is an outbreak of illness.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol continues to rise nationally in our country. Coronavirus has created a time of uncertainty and anxiety for people around the world. It is more important to not forget addiction is a brain disease, untreated persons are powerless over stopping the use of alcohol & drugs and the only way to interrupt addiction is the process of abstinence and professional treatment.

At CanAm Interventions, we've had to become creative in continuing with our professional interventions, case management, and treatment placement services. Meeting the needs of our clients suffering from addictions or mental health, supporting families by using virtual sessions, telephone conference calls, and creating safety precautions for in-person interventions following CDC protocols.

In these times adapting is the key and utilizing the virtual world of video conferencing and telephone calls to stay connected to family, friends, and work. It's also a time to lift each other with courage, strength, love, acceptance, and most of all--to be grateful for each other and be there for one another. I'm a strong believer that things happen for a reason and to take all experiences in life as a way to slow down and get back to the fundamentals of our true beliefs and values. Now more than ever is time to support the ones we love no matter what the situation, and know that we can and do recover.

Updates and News dealing with CVOID-19- CanAm Interventions Best Practices

Virtual and In- person Interventions

Family Assessment
Family Treatment Planning
Family Educational Groups
Family Intervention Preparation Meetings

(In Person Intervention) Meeting
(Register Nurse) will transport clients into treatment

What is an Intervention? An intervention is an unconditionally loving, non-judgmental, and factual confrontation directed by a professional interventionist in which friends and relatives perform a great act of love! An intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby loving family member and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and mental health, led by a trained addiction and/or mental health professional and certified intervention professional.

  • directed by a certified intervention professional
  • assessment of referrals, using evidence-based treatments
  • preparation intervention meeting
  • intervention team includes family and friends
  • Intervention is a great act of unconditional love
  • certified interventionist will education intervention group
  • topics include cycle of addiction and mental health-related information

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