Addiction, Boundaries are Loving Limits!

Boundaries are loving limits. Boundaries are essential to a healthy relationship.

They create a clear limit of what we want, need and expect. There are many types of boundaries, such as creating personal space or sharing personal information. The first step is to realize and establish one’s own limits and boundaries. Creating boundaries can be difficult, however I personally find that they result in clarifying the expectation of another person.

Such limitations are useful in both a personal and professional setting. I have experienced that my clients actually appreciate boundaries especially when they are made with compassion and intended for their best interests. Not having this structure can be detrimental to the other person, taking them out of themselves and the important personal work they need to get done.

People need to make their own choices, they need to have self-discipline and setting boundaries with others enables them to do this. Continuing to have these loving limits with others can encourage their growth, as well as their perception of how to treat other people. Boundaries are beneficial to all involved, those that receive them and those that provide them.

For the person setting the boundary, they can feel a sense of pride which is also it is a form of self-care.
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