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  • Do you ever threaten a loved one with threats such as, “If you don’t stop drinking or using drugs, I’ll leave you” or “…I’ll kick you out”?
  • Have you been hurt, scared, or embarrassed by a drinker’s or a drug addict’s behavior?
  • Does your loved one appear to be taking too much medication?
  • Is your loved one unable to care for himself or herself or others?
  • Do you feel like a failure because you can’t control the drinking or drug use of a loved one?
  • Do you feel angry, confused, scared, or depressed most of the time due to a loved one’s drug or alcohol problem?
  • Do you feel there is no one who understands your problems?
  • Has your loved one ever disappeared for days?
  • Has your loved one ever stolen money from your purse, bank account, or elsewhere?

Common questions for families

Do professional interventions work for addiction and/or mental health challenges? We are very experienced facilitating intervention services for both addictions and/or mental health challenges! 

The intervention process is extremely effective in getting an addicted person into an appropriate drug intervention program where they will get the help they need. Interventions for mental health treatment is available.

When is an intervention necessary?

An intervention is used after nothing else has worked. Previous attempts at change may have used reasoning, discussion, threats, ultimatums, and one-on-one tactics. When these fails, frustration can lead to anger. This can go on for years. Appeals to reason and one-on-one discussions rarely produce change in someone who is deeply engaged in self-destructive behaviors.

On the other hand, an intervention that includes several people who are meaningful to the person, can be highly effective when it is delivered in an invitational, respectful, and logical way while focusing on changing everyone’s behavior, not just the loved one.

Do you work with therapists or other porofessionals?

Yes, our team of professionals work closely with other therapists, consulting with them and other professionals on treatment plans, inpatient or outpatient treatment centers for clients based on the client’s condition, and other professional collaboration efforts.

Starting the intervention process?

Call our toll-free number to make an appointment with one of our interventionists. We will discuss whether the intervention process is appropriate for your situation. If so, we will explain the steps that the family and friends will need to take to start the process and make the intervention successful.

How do we know if our loved has addiction disorder?

Addiction Assessment Test. If you answer yes to more than two or three of the questions, then you should call us to discuss the situation in greater detail.

Do you receive compensation from treatment centers for referrals?

No! It is unethically to accept funds from treatment programs. Our goal is to find the best treatment center for your loved one. CanAm Interventions is an independent consultant and never accept compensation for referrals from any outside source.

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