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Intervention Services

An intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby loving family member and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and/or mental health. The interventionist will guide the entire intervention process, advocating for the family, friends, and the individual struggling with addictions and/or mental health challenges.


CanAm Intervention has a high success rate of navigating families and their untreated loved ones with addiction or mental health to start the recovery process after an intervention.


With the help of a highly qualified certified intervention professional, family members and loved ones are given the tools necessary to help their loved one in a compassionate and effective way.

Case Management Services

What is Case Management?

Case management is a collaborative process of evaluation, assessment & treatment planning, care coordination and advocating for individual’s and their families by providing communication and resources to promote a united front for the entire family.

How can Case Management Help Families?

Our goal at CanAm Interventions is to treat the whole family offering family coaching to families who face multiple challenges, during treatment for their loved one’s addiction or mental health challenges.

Many people choose family coaching services because they cannot dedicate the time necessary for organizing their loved one’s care. Case Management will help minimize the emotional pressures families and/or individuals experience while building healthy relationships through the recovery process.

Aftercare Services

Accepting inpatient treatment can be the first and most important step for many in their recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction or mental health conditions, but it is the first step.


Most individuals spend 30-90 in inpatient rehab facility which is a very small period compared to the many years of untreated addiction or mental health conditions. For many, adjusting to life in recovery after rehab can proves to be more challenging, especially the loss of the rehab structure and the reappearance of external factors and influences.


All studies show, it takes up to two years for recovery to fully take hold. Accountability is the key to a successful recovery plan, enrolling into aftercare services shows higher success for long term recovery. From our experience recovery does not end with rehabilitation. In fact, recovery is a lifelong commitment. If you take your attention away from recovery goals, your risk of relapsing is far greater without assessing professional support.

Sober Companionship & Transportation Services

Sober companion and transport are services of having a professional sober support for 24/7 in the comfort of your own home or a therapeutic companion accompany someone to treatment. This may be someone suffering from a substance use disorder or it may be someone working through a mental health or other behavioral health issue. It is very common for persons entering or completing treatment, to access a sober companion.

Monitoring Testing Services

While rehab comes with a unique set of challenges, the most difficult time for many recovering individuals is often the first 90 to 180 days after leaving treatment. Returning to the same familiar environment while you were in the depths of your addiction or mental health conditions can be highly triggering, while the stressors of the “real world” can all feel overwhelming and can threaten your newfound sobriety. This fragile time is when recovery monitoring and coaching can be enormously beneficial.


CanAm Interventions monitoring manager Sam Corkum oversees daily screening for drug and alcohol testing such as Sober link, BAC, and home testing kits for drug testing, or a private medical testing site.

Assessment & Referral and Treatment Placement

At CanAm By engaging in a consultation, families are acting toward solutions and can learn about appropriate treatment and professional resources, which can often include an intervention.


Consultation & Treatment Placement services can include:

At CanAm Interventions, we strongly believe meeting families facilitating evaluation and assessment process, to best help families to determine the next steps, gain a sense of empowerment and hope, and set the foundation for successful treatment planning. By engaging in a consultation, families are taking action toward recovery solutions and are able to learn about appropriate resources, which can often include an intervention.


In-home Concierge Medical Detox

Addiction is a heavy burden on the quality of life. It affects not only the person but also those who care about them the most. However, going to an inpatient treatment center or inpatient detox for an extended time may not seem like an option to many people.


If you need detox treatment but don’t want it to disrupt life completely, in-home detox may be the solution. A medical home-detox will provide privacy, freedom, and the ability to keep up with work or family responsibilities.

Educational Workshop Trainings

CanAm Interventions facilitates intervention and case management trainings to the professional community for over seven years both in Canada and the United States.  


The intervention training curriculum focuses on intervention theories, practices approaches and techniques including information on addiction & mental health interventions, family systems, ethics, motivational interviewing, crisis intervention strategies and certifications.


We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow with industry leaders in the field of trauma-informed healing and become a certified interventionist.

Request A Free Consultation

At CanAm Interventions we offer a free 30-minute complimentary telephone meeting to discuss your situation with a certified nurse.

We look forward to helping you learn more about our method and the step-by-step support you’ll receive from our team.

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