Professionals working in the recovery community

We can only keep what we have by giving it away.

Having a source within the recovery community who is not a close friend or family is the reason many 12 step groups, interventionists, sober companions and treatment centers are so effective. There are so many reasons why having support from another peer in recovery is beneficial. Knowing that there are commonalities creates understanding, however having a professional mentor who is experienced and specializes in addiction recovery services and will have their own personal experiences to share can creates a safe space, with trust and encouragement for someone who is new on their recovery journey.

The recovery field is very unique because of this reason, having many professionals that are not only educated but have their own familiarity can be comforting to someone who is not sure what path to take. In exchange helping others is essential for the professional as well.

At times outside community people pay for such help, hiring tutors, life coaches and therapists.
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