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Addictions, Alcoholism and Trauma

Traumatic events can alter one’s perception of reality, ultimately it affects behavior in negative ways.

There is a connection between addiction and alcoholism and trauma. Many people who have experienced some sort of trauma look for outward ways to deal with it. They just want the memories and pain to stop. Each individual reacts and relives trauma in their own way.

When trauma is experienced, it can create isolation, loneliness and often results in substance abuse issues or addiction. Having lived through a traumatic event creates a desire to numb the pain and causes many to turn to substance use.

There are studies that show that people who struggle with addiction and alcoholism are far more likely to have experienced some sort of trauma, especially if it happened during childhood. They have suppressed their feelings and fear that the event may recur. When they do not choose another way to treat the trauma, they self-medicate.
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