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Monitoring Services

Our primary goal at CanAm Interventions is to support our clients to gain personal independence and to be responsible for their recovery. People in early recovery go through many challenges trying to get their life back in order such as: completing an inpatient treatment program, moving back home with family members, going back to work, attending school and building trusting relationships. Holding oneself accountable through monitoring services can relieve some of the stressors throughout the various transition in your early recovery, monitoring is confidential, to keep you on track and to maintain your recovery.


Our Monitoring services holds our client’s accountability for their recovery and removes family members from managing or monitoring your recovery process. At CanAm Interventions we are available as stand-alone services or as part of a more comprehensive support package as determined by the needs of the case and all those involved.


Studies indicate that relapse rates are higher during the first three months after completing treatment. Our recommendations for additional monitoring and case management support throughout the first 90 days post-treatment stems from the data that proves these services increases recovery outcomes to 80 to 90% substance abstinence rate in the first year of recovery.

Monitoring Services / Sober Link

  • Client will sign up Sober Link adding as the professional overseeing the testing.


  • Sober Link will send you a device that you will need to fully charge and instruction on how to set up your sober link device/and test.


  • Once your device is set up and connected to your profile online.


  • We will be notified by email when you submit a test or if a test is missed.


  • We will monitor the results online.


  • Sober Link is done through face recognition and will use your face recognition as the persons testing.


  • The sober link testing will be schedule (3) times per day.


  • You can set up a reminder on your cell phone as reminder to test.

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