Finding Healthy Coping Skills in Recovery

Often, after one has been abusing substances for a while, they lose sight of the healthy things that previously brought them joy. Finding hobbies is necessary to avoid idle thoughts. Revisiting things that have in the past brought pleasure are good ways to pass the time, especially for those new in recovery or at risk for relapse.

If the person has forgotten what they previously enjoyed, they can develop new interests such as healthy cooking, gardening, artwork, reading, meditation, exercise and much more. Learning new healthy coping skills is a long-term process. Making sure to engage in one’s creative, athletic, spiritual sides are a good way to make positive recovery.

Having too much free time is often a dangerous trigger for some people. Too much free time can lead to types of addictive thinking which leaves one in danger for relapse. Making sure to set up a positive routine and having structured time is very important in recovery, the benefits go beyond the simple passing of time.
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