Healing through the Gratitude


Too often people fixate on what is wrong in their life and all the things that irritate them. This contributes to stress, anger and agitation that doesn’t lead to good choices or help good relationships. Concentrating on what is good in one’s life can help center the focus on what is truly meaningful.

Gratitude is an emotion or can even be considered a personality trait. When one lives in a state of appreciating life and everything that they have, both big and small, they are living in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is acknowledging what is going well in one’s life, including people, places or things. There have been studies that show that over time feeling grateful enhances happiness and creates both physical and psychological well-being. This means that those who stay thinking positively actually feel better and even experience healthier relationships.

It is actually a very beneficial tool to write a simple list of things that one is grateful for. By doing this, without knowing it one realizes that there is goodness all around, especially when life isn’t going as planned. Many people have made it a habit to write a list of things they are grateful for. This can help to you realize that you are loved, cared for and have everything of value. This is definitely something that helps me out when I am feeling down.



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