Self-Medicating during Covid-19

During the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world shut down causing a lot of people to be out of work and sheltering in place. People who are in recovery from substance use disorders were highly affected. In-Person meetings were paused for over a year in some places, and while Zoom meetings were available, what was missing was face to face connection with others.

The virtual meetings made it easier to isolate and not have the group or other members to stay accountable to. Because of this change, group members realized the importance of human connection and what it feels like to know someone is there for you who really wants to help. Having people available for you, who are supportive and can give you live feedback in a personal way, those who can relate to what you’re going through. There is no substitute for the live, in person group dynamic. That was missing during this pandemic.

Remote zoom meetings had many advantages but also did not offer the same intensity of support, direction and commitment. There is something visceral and intense when you are face to face and looking someone in the eye. Relapse rates are already very common, but during the pandemic many have found it even more difficult to maintain recovery without a routine. Then there are those who are trying to find recovery for the first time and are just starting to experience meetings since they had only gone to Zoom.
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