Addiction and Mental Health Interventions

CanAm Interventions was established to provide something rare in the world of addiction intervention. Founded by Patricia Pike, CanAm Interventions has become the lifesaving conduit between the addiction epidemic and a long -term solution.

By effectively empowering addicts and their families with the necessary tools, CanAm Interventions is able to not only help each individual get the help they need, but also provide them with a blueprint for lifelong sobriety, success and health.

We recognize that in the way every human being is different, their approach to recovery must be individualized: there is no simple formula. Our global team of interventionists is the best in the business. We take on the most daunting circumstances and turn them into success stories by formulating an approach to recovery that considers each and every possible variable.

This is where CanAm Interventions excels.

We have an option for every possible situation. Nobody should be denied the right to help.
1-800-638-1812 Toll Free Internationally
415-827-3725 Cell /Text
415-578-2875 Office

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