Healthy Boundaries?

What are boundaries and why do we need them?

Boundaries are just as defined for mathematics, they are limits. However, in recovery they are emotional, spiritual, mental and physical limits. Boundaries are intended to work in a positive way to help the person define what they want and ensure they are keeping themselves safe.

I have witnessed those who often new in recovery and are unable to set boundaries with others and noticed that it affects that person. The amount of frustration is evident.

They wind up feeling resentful with the other person, and often with themselves as well. They will sit and be agitated with another person for not respecting their boundaries when they were unable to voice how they truly felt on the inside.

Having clear boundaries is essential to having a healthy lifestyle. One can still be a loving, compassionate person while having clear boundaries with other people. Setting clear personal boundaries can actually define who we are as a person, and help other people understand how to treat us.

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