Zoom Dysmorphia

Almost two years of Zoom meetings and calls has led to an unofficial diagnosis of “Zoom Dysmorphia.”

The use of front facing cameras has impacted how people are looking at their own faces, causing additional scrutiny of their appearance. For some entire workdays are being held virtually with face-to-face meetings. Not only do they have to look at their own face, perhaps all day, but they are looking at it compared to everyone else included in the Zoom call.

Some may have had a previous issue with body dysmorphia and the video call exemplifies it. However, even without a previous diagnosis the cameras tend to distort appearance anyway. Most people are unaware of the distortion which leads to much of the negative self-reflection.

Becoming aware of this can cause some of the criticism to subside, as well as focusing on the person talking rather than your own screen. If necessary, seek professional help.

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