Dealing with stressful situations in Recovery

How to deal with stressful situations People in recovery often deal with a variety of stressors such as classic triggers, problems in the workplace or cravings to use. It is how you handle it that matters.

If handled improperly these stressors can lead down a dark road and potentially to relapse. It is important to identify one’s triggers, the people, places, feelings and things that are anxiety producing. If stress is not managed correctly, it can cause health problems, both physically and mentally. Stress has been known affect one’s physical health, often creating more issues than necessary. Stress can lead to mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

Taking proper care of one’s mental and physical health is beneficial in preventing extremely stressful situations. Having a routine, exercising and proper nutrition are a good start. Structure and mapping out one’s day with breaks and times scheduled for work and errands can alleviate stress. Having alternative behaviors or response s to substitute for triggering situations can help one avoid stress.

Deep breathing is a highly regarded technique for many people.
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