What is Case Management Services

What is Case Management? Providing professional provide accountability for individual struggling with addiction and/or mental health challenges and supporting their families.

This will help minimize emotional pressures for families and/or individual clients in throughout their recovery process. Case Management is a collaborative process of ongoing assessment, treatment planning and evaluation by advocating for persons struggling with addiction and/or mental health challenges and providing guidance and support for entire family.

Five Stages of Case Management
• Engagement – Enrollment, building relationships, creating a structured action plan to support family members and/or clients needing additional support services.
• Assessment – Identify strengths and barriers of clients, summarized in both objective and subjective terms, to create a plan for the client and/or family.
• Planning/goal setting– Explores goals, maximizes client’s strengths, outlines activities, and has a timeline.
• Intervention – Identifies appropriate services and supports, making referrals and linkages to services and arranging referrals.
• Monitoring – Client cooperation Case management coordination, achieve the goals expected (accountability).
Structure Continuing-Care Program / Client Case Management:

  1. Weekly check-ins call with clients/ family – checking in for 30 minutes, 1-7 hours weekly or
    being available 24/7weekly, text messaging, researching various services.
  2. Sober Link Monitoring for clients leaving treatment.
  3. Supporting and guiding the client with 12 step meetings support providing accountability.
  4. For clients leaving treatment, weekly schedule 60-minute in person and/or virtual appointment
  5. Providing a treatment plan that may involve sober companions, inpatient/outpatient treatment
    and/or collaborating and working with other professionals.
  6. Collaboration with family members daily and/or weekly, this depends on the needs of the family.

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