CanAm Interventions (Intervention) Stages.

     Certified Intervention Professional / Intervention Stages

  1. Family Assessment Meeting: Develop a thorough assessment and intervention treatment plan of the concerned person and family wounded by addiction or mental health, decided what style of intervention.
  2. Intervention Preparation Planning Meeting: Educating the intervention team on the cycle of addiction, mental health, recovery treatment process and letter writing assignments.
  3. Rehearsal Process: Have the intervention team prepare two letters, read the letters. if your loved one doesn’t accept treatment, decide on specific consequences and what actions to take.
  4. Treatment Referrals: Treatment placement includes the family’s insurance policy or private pay budget and coordinating treatment centers that best fit the patient’s needs.
  5. Intervention Meeting: The Intervention meeting includes the intervention team, untreated person directed by the Certified Intervention professional.
  6. Travel Coordination: Certified Intervention Professional will arrange the patient to the selected treatment program with clear steps, goals, and guidelines
  7. Post Intervention Outcomes: The outcome of intervention studies has indicated that 85% of patients accept treatment the day of the intervention meeting and 15% enter treatment within two weeks after the intervention.
  8. Intervention Aftercare Services: Post-intervention/aftercare case management is available. Studies have shown case management and patient monitoring have a higher level of success. Ask the intervention team, to avoid enabling the destructive cycle of behavior and take active steps to encourage positive change.

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