Fentanyl, similar to other commonly used opioids (e.g heroin, morphine) produce effects. Some of these effects are intended for therapeutic and/or medicinal purposes. Other times, when fentanyl is misused, it will have unintended and negative effects to your lifestyle and health.

These effects are all, and not limited to, the use of fentanyl:

 Relaxation
 Euphoria
 Pain relief
 Sedation
 Confusion
 Drowsiness
 Dizziness
 Nausea
 Vomiting
 Urinary retention and constipation
 Pupillary constriction (small pupils)
 Respiratory depression (shortness of breath, shallow breathing) Long term, fentanyl can affect you mentally and physically in many ways such as:
 Substance use disorder.
 Depression and suicidal thoughts
 Difficulty controlling impulsive behavior.
 Sexual problems in men
 Poor nutrition and weight loss
 Irregular menstrual cycles in woman Some of the other effects from fentanyl use is if it is used by injection.

Sharing drug equipment can lead to:
 Hepatitis B
 Hepatitis C
 Skin sores and infection

The effect of fentanyl use will increase rapidly due to the lifestyle you adapt. There are many treatment options available for those who are struggling with addiction.

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