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Detoxing from substances is uncomfortable no matter where the detox takes place, however detox at home offers comfort, safety and combined with treatment and aftercare. detox is the first step to a solid recovery. Medical detox can be done safely, with the help of medical and recovery professionals from the comfort of home.

What to expect from a professional at home detox? A well-established treatment team consisting of an intake professional, doctors, nurses, possibly sober companions and a recovery counselor. The team will begin by conducting interviews to decide exactly what type of treatment is best suited for each client’s specific needs; this may include but is not limited to the specific medically assisted treatment needed, as well as a thorough physical exam. The medical and counseling team will monitor throughout the detox process and will make sure the client is comfortable and stable, answering any questions and providing counseling as appropriate throughout the detox process.

In home detox is private in comparison to medical detox in hospital or recovery center. This avoids interactions with others who may be undergoing much more uncomfortable detoxifications. Because it is private, it is catered to the specific client’s needs, including medical, social, and phycological.

It is important for anyone thinking of in-home detox to understand the need to hire an established team of professionals. The team should be led by a recovery specialist.

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