Learn To Thrive Beyond Addiction and Mental Illness

Intervention is not about tough love and ultimatums. It is about helping the family understand that the cycle of co-dependency and enabling are preventing their loved one from wanting help and hitting bottom.

Is your loved one battling addiction, chronic pain, a mental health challenge, or a process disorder? Professionally interventions led by Patricia have a 92% success rate — meaning that the individual accepts treatment.

Families are often told that not much can be done until the substance user wants help or hits bottom. We are here to help your family understand that you don’t have to wait for your loved one to do either of those things.

We’re focused on helping families make a change. We understand the impact untreated addiction and/or mental health diagnosis has on the family.

CanAm Interventions offers help to families who are looking to help a loved one conquer their struggles with addiction or mental health cases. Our brand is proud of experienced professionals who are ready to help families today.




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