Addiction drives a wedge between Families.

A family is created with love, hope and dreams.

Addiction drives a wedge into all these plans. The home, the place where there should be safety, harmony, and trust are up ended. The acrimony, the constant problems, the never-ending arguments are a nightmare environment created by the constant dysfunctional behavior of the addict.

This can turn any family into a downward spiral. No one is happy and normal life is hard. Siblings fight and resentments are common. The home, a place where futures should be built becomes a place where people are tearing at each other’s throats. The financial drains are overwhelming. Many family members lose wages dealing with many issues and often miss work entirely.

Rehab costs are high. Legal help and fines can be costly. People go into debt and drain their savings. A family member with addiction can create chaos within their family and their relationships. Whether it be a parent that is dealing with addiction, or another loved one, there are many developmental issues that may arise.

When the parent is an addict they may cause all sorts of issues not only with their children, but with their spouse as well. The children especially may grow up lacking trust for others and it may have an overall impact on their health such as their nutrition and mental stability. Within their other outside relationships, they have similar issues. Parents are the ones that should model good behavior.

Addiction tends to cause many sleepless nights. In the long term if it goes untreated, addiction can even often lead to separation or divorce.
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