When facing addictions such as alcohol abuse, drug dependency, gambling, sex addiction or even overeating, we are met with many obstacles that are unfamiliar to us. Having an experienced professional to advocate and guide you is the best way to assure success. Can-Am would like to bring awareness of the duties of an effective case manager, and why obtaining these services are very crucial.

Why is it important to have a case manager?

You may have the best and most supportive family and friends a person could have. They may also be experienced in the particular matter that you are facing. This would make you luckier than most people. This will be very helpful for the success of your recovery. Addictions are very complicated and typically deal with not only the physical state of your body but also the mind. This is where it gets tricky. What we don’t know will most definitely hurt us. What I mean by this is that it is easy for us to think that we are doing all the necessary steps to achieve our recovery but in reality, we are likely misleading ourselves and most likely missing crucial steps to progress properly. Having a case manager will act as a medium, someone who can guide, who can bring clarity and who will keep all parties involved accountable and honest.

These are some of the benefits of case management:

  • Case managers have a vast network of relationships and resources that are priceless to their clients.
  • Case managers will act as a professional advocate for you to obtain services, to speak on behalf of your recovery and to educate the client with the many unknowns of successful recovery.
  • Case managers get to know you and your traits very well and become a safe avenue as council.
  • Case managers devise the recovery plan best suited for your situation. They are able to identify what the next steps are after the initial Rehab period due to the ongoing work done between manager and client.

Making the decision to face your addiction lays solely with you. After that, much support is recommended. The physical addiction is one thing, but there most certainly is the mental health aspect. Many do not see this as a potential issue, but I can assure that when there is extended periods of addiction and unmanageability that it takes a toll on our mental health. A clean bill of mental health is a very important part of achieving sobriety and is the more complicated part of both the physical and mental side of ongoing recovery. Can-Am Interventions strongly recommends case management for their clients post-Intervention to support them as they become stronger and grow their own methods and resources for recovery. If you have concerns and questions, we invite you to reach out to us to discuss who you are, what you are going through and what your goals are. We look forward to helping you and to provide the treatment that is best for you.

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