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Many of us are not familiar with the term “sober transport”. Sober transport is an important task pertaining to supporting persons with substance abuse and mental health disorders with the help of a professional by providing a safe and healthy environment during that transport. When persons are ready to take the next steps of recovery whether it is at a detox center, inpatient treatment center or after the completion of treatment. The first step of a person’s recovery is their decision to quit using drugs and/or alcohol, we at CanAm Interventions want to support them the whole way, it is vitally important to plan for recovery success. Interventions have become very common using professional services and/or families are becoming much more educated on the disease of addiction and have engage in family conversations with their loved ones and at times been successful of getting help for their loved ones. Typically, there is an Intervention through the support of friends, family and the Interventionist. From there we generally see the untreated person accept the recovery plan that is laid out before them by the Interventionist and the family. Most of the time that recovery plan starts with detox and/or entering an inpatient treatment facility. The sober transporter acts as a liaison of the professional 3rd party engaged by Interventionist.

Here are some of the benefits and tasks a sober transporter offers for the addict:

  • A safe and healthy environment during transport and during waits and overnight stays.
  • The sober transporter is a neutral 3rd party that will keep to the structure of the recovery plan and is not susceptible to manipulation as the family could be.
  • Sober transporters have a pedigree and experience working with addicts. The travel from point A to detox/treatment is a crucial time, as it is a period where the addict is processing the events that have just taken place with their family and loved ones. They typically have many thoughts and questions, and the sober transporter is an expert at helping them feel assured of their path, and to be there for them in the role as more of a friend than a professional. They are very successful at keeping untreated person with addiction or mental health disorders at ease and at keeping it light and positive.
  • The sober transporter will get their clients to where they need to be regardless of how far the travel is, or what the accommodations are.

The sober transporter is a professional, acting as your support person. They have this responsibility because they are good at what they do. What they do is much more than drive a car, ride a bus, boat, train, or plane. They are all about the success of their clients. At CanAm Interventions our sober transport is very friendly, educated, experienced to help keep their client’s accountability. This is a major benefit to support friends and family as it allows healthy separation between their loved ones and their families.

Can-Am Interventions offers these services, we have a vast knowledge and experience working with addicts and families to rehabilitate people with all kinds of addictions. From the first phone call to the time, you finish treatment we got you covered to provide support to treatments that will bring you success. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, please call us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you be your best and happy self.

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