When breaking free from a life of addiction, sobriety takes center stage in your life. Recovery takes all your time, energy and focus. While this is natural and necessary, it’s important to remember that there is more to life than your Recovery process. The keyword to remember is “balance.” Balance means allowing all the good and healthy elements of your life to have equal focus.

You may be wondering how to find balance in addiction Recovery, especially when this process takes so much out of you. Here we will look at some tips on how to improve the qualityof your life outside of recovery and finding that healthy balance.

Importance of Having a Balanced Recovery

Addiction is characterized by being highly off-balance. When caught in the web of addiction, your world revolves around the next time you can get high, or your next drink. This all-consuming disease robs your attention and focus away from the joys of family, friends, and other things you love.

When you make the choice to recover, you’re confronted by just how off-balance your worldview is. Without drugs or alcohol, you need something new to center your life around. For many, the temptation is to allow Recovery to take the place of that substance. Life is about balance. While Recovery is essential to leading a happier and healthier life, it cannot and, should not, take the place of drugs or alcohol.

During your Recovery, you will get to experience life without addiction. That means reconnecting with family and friends, finding satisfaction and contentment at work, and trying new hobbies or activities to fill your time. There are many positive things that you can focus on now that you’re recovering from Substance Addiction. You just need to learn how to find balance so you can fully partake in everything your life has to offer.

Tips for Finding Balance in Addiction Recovery

The process of bringing balance into your life may take time. However, it’s well worth it. While you’re walking your Recovery journey, remember to focus on the different areas of your life equally. If you’re not sure how to find balance, here are just a few ways to get started:

Create a schedule: Creating a rhythm for your life not only helps your Recovery but also helps you pencil in the people and activities you want to include in your life.

Don’t strive for perfection: Finding balance is a process. Instead of obsessing over getting everything right, focus on your progress during the journey.

Celebrate small accomplishments: Each day is filled with daily tasks that need to be accomplished. Allowing yourself to feel a sense of achievement in the minutia of everyday life will help you find balance.

Take care of your overall health: Sleep, proper nutrition, and staying physically active are essential activities in a balanced lifestyle and will aid your Recovery.

Foster healthy relationships: The friends and family in your life are the most valuable asset you will have while pursuing sobriety. Be sure to make enough time for these relationships.

These are just some helpful tips to think about. Ideally, this article is to bring awareness to people in recovery, to insure they create and maintain, a healthy life/recovery balance that will not only benefit you but, will also have a positive impact on those closest to you. Can-Am Interventions specializes in addiction treatment services, including counselling those in recovery, and helping to achieve a healthy life balance, both mentally and physically.

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