Healthy Attachments in Relationships?

“Each one teaches one.” Healthy attachment can often begin with trauma. Many people who are on the path of healing from trauma are learning how to restore feelings of safety and security.

This begins a cycle of learning how to rebuild healthy relationships with others, more importantly finding others who are interested in healthy, positive connections. In order to bond with others in a meaningful way, there must be trust, empathy, care as well as emotional availability. It is important to surround oneself with people who are going to have a healthy and positive impact on those around them and their surroundings. Picking and choosing such healthy people and weeding out the negative people can be difficult.

Perhaps even more difficult is setting boundaries and “unfriending” those people that are not going to have a positive impact. Sadly, often these negative people are old friends. Once healthy attachment is formed, the entire new relationship can blossom into something life affirmingly positive for all parties involved.

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