Has Zoom become the new Isolation for Addiction?

Zoom, Isolation for Addiction.

The important connection made possible by the structure of 12 step meetings, the sponsor sponsee support system and the availability of practically on demand help, is fundamental to success in recovery. The pandemic has affected everyone differently. Addiction itself is already a disease that causes isolation.

A large component of recovery is the relationships that are formed with others and the human connection. Due to the pandemic that social aspect diminished. Zoom created the ability for those in recovery to still attend meetings and professionals to work with clients, but it also created the ability for one to hide from the world.

Without the accountability of meeting in person, and the ability to hide behind a screen or even turn the camera off. As a result of job insecurity and isolation relapse and overdose rates have gone up. Working from home made it easier for those in recovery to relapse into bad habits, lacking accountability. Loosing motivation without the encouragement and energy of the group can instigate a downward spiral.

While zoom can be intimidating for some, stepping out of one’s comfort zone and seeking connection is an important start. Profound change is possible. We need these created coping strategies to adapt to these challenging times.

The key to success, making more good things happen is taking advantage of what comes your way.

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