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Watching a loved one continue down a path of substance abuse and self-destruction is devastating. As their life hangs in the balance, you may feel powerless and afraid that you’ll further distance the addicted person from you by insisting they get help.


As drug treatment and intervention professionals, we are trained and experienced in cutting through the inevitable confusion, emotion, and stress in these situations to establish ground rules and a framework for a successful outcome.


It is important to read the agreement details in the professional package and contract. It states, client(s) agree to cooperate with Ms. Pike so she can perform her duties under the contractual agreement regarding the outcome of Ms. Pike’s professional services.


Client (s) fully understands that there are no guarantees that individuals suffering with addiction and/or mental health challenges will accept the treatment plan that’s been recommended and arranged by Can Am Interventions.


Furthermore, there are no guarantees of success either in the short-term or long-term of treating clients and/or families. Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friends.

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At CanAm Interventions, our belief is families need to accept they want professional help which may happen before their loved ones accept professional help.


Working with professionals to guide families are the first step, to accepting help.

Empathetic listening to a family allows us to hear and understand what your needs and goals are. We seek to achieve a clear understanding of what the substance user is experiencing, what may be needed, and the impact on the family structure.


Families who use our services see their loved ones do far better in treatment than those whose families fail to change as well. We provide insight into how our program works. Things the family never considered may need to be addressed, e.g., issues that are holding the family back from being made whole and the substance user from seeking help.


We believe that by retaining the best staff who share the same belief in our mission, vision, goals, we are able to provide you with the most effective program to help you and your loved one achieve your goals.

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Don’t wait to change a life. At CanAm Interventions, we provide a 30-minute free consultation. We specialize in working with complex addiction and/or mental health cases. We believe strongly in human connection, matching clients with resources.

At CanAm Interventions, we take pride in having the highest standard of education and on-site experiences for all our professionals who help us support the families who need it most. Our staff are fully equipped to support families and their identified loved one(s) who are struggling with alcoholism, addiction and/or mental health disorders.

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