Intervention Informational Packet + Documents

The first step of engaging in professional services is to gain information. Our goal is to make the process easy to access and digestible. We want to properly arm you with any and all pertinent information on the process. We understand that it can be easy to become overwhelmed by new information during this time. We find informational packets, documents, and other material helpful in creating an outline that can be revisited

At CanAm Interventions, we are certified professionals following the code of professional ethics and
confidentiality, adhering to the HIPAA laws and regulations with licenses and credentials to meet the
needs of our clients.

Please review our professional services below and feel free to fill out these intake forms before our first session. These forms can also be filled out during the first session.

We provide a 30-minute free consultation by gathering information on clients assessing the current situation and providing professional direction to discuss all options that are open to you and your loved ones. Fees and cost for services will be discussed during an initial consultation.

Intake Assessment Form 

Family Assessment Form

Limits of Confidentiality

Release of Information Consent


Patricia M. Pike, CEO of CanAm Interventions, has helped thousands of individuals accept treatment at various treatment programs domestically and internationally.

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