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Understanding Addiction Theories

Addiction Theories have now moved beyond the commonly stereotyped ways of thinking.

The previous belief surrounding alcoholism and addiction is that narcotics and alcohol are addictive to whoever overindulges in them and continues to overindulge, known as “Exposure Theory.” This is not always the case. Now there are theories surrounding addiction itself. Beginning with “Genetic Theories,” that addictions run in families. Epi- genetics is a field that highlights how addiction tendencies are inherited through families.

Surveys of multiple families have proven that substance abuse can be passed down and continue along with the traumas that lead to them. I have definitely seen this in many clients who relate tales of growing up in an alcoholic home or with addicted parents and then they themselves struggled with the same issues.

The “Endorphin- Deficiency” explanation implies that the chemicals produced by some drugs are the same as those that are naturally occurring in the body known as endorphins. People who may have less endorphins, have a susceptibility to crave the drug.
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