Whatever it takes to help/support untreated addicted persons with addictions or mental health diagnoses.

CanAm Interventions is here to help. Patricia Pike of www.canaminterventions.com

Whatever it takes to help/support untreated addicted persons, to access treatment and recovery. I do think mental illness can be part of some persons with addictions and they need medication to support their mental health diagnoses. I believe addiction is related to the disease of disconnection / and disorganized attachment. Also, I believe Addiction is a brain disease, progressive that creates emotional dysregulation and negative behaviors. The behaviors support untreated addictions so untreated persons can cope with emotional unComfortability, fear of abandonment, insecure relationships, anxiety and beliefs of not good enough . I believe 100%, addiction the disease of never enough and disconnection. (the need to fill that internal emptiness ). #canaminterventions

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