What is the Family Systemic Model?

What is the Family Systemic Model (Invitational Approach)?

A Family Systemic Model is an invitational approach that was developed by Ed Speare and Wayne Raiter. The family is involved with the treatment process rather than focusing solely on the person with a substance abuse problem the focused is on the entire family.

The Invitational Model approach addresses the entire family together, with the addicted individual invited to attend the intervention. This model is based on the idea that if the system changes, every individual within the system will also change, including the addict (systems theory). It is designed to be a non-confrontational and non-judgmental form of intervention.

The goal of the Family Systemic Model is that the entire family will become motivated to seek treatment for themselves and the family is educated on healthy traits and empowerment of healing.

The workshop is conducted, and each family member learns about their different treatment options. These may include addiction or co-dependency treatment, among others. The interventionist usually maintains contact with the family for up to a year, following up either in person or via telephone.

  • Family Systemic Intervention Model is an invitational approach
  • The addicted or mental health individual is invited to attend the intervention
  • Invitational interventions addresses the entire family
  • Family Systemic Intervention Model” is based on the idea that the family needs to make changes
  • Education meetings related to the nature of addiction & alcoholism, mental health, codependency and recovery
  • Process group for the entire family facilitated by a professional interventionist
  • Treatment planning for the untreated addicted/mental health persons and the family

CanAm Interventions Process: 

  • Intervention Screening: First Caller
  • Family Assessment Meeting
  • Family Education
  • Invitational or Surprise Approach
  • Intervention Preparation Planning Meeting
  • Rehearsal Meeting Process
  • Intervention Coordination
  • Intervention Aftercare

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