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CanAm Interventions family program is a proactive approach, to best support your loved ones’ challenges with addiction and mental health. , The virtal family program is 30 days with a three hour commitment weekly. This will help your family, to be committed and more engaged to and equipped with recovery skills.

This has been a time in everyone lives, we need to depend on virtual conferencing, to stay in touch with our friends, families and work commitments. It is more important than ever , Patricia Pike of CEO of CanAm Interventions meet the needs of her clients .

Families may come from different geographic locations and aren’t always able to travel to you to do a family program. Ms. Pike has developed a program where we can assess, educate and most importantly support family members while their loved ones are in treatment.

Our program can be stand alone or a supplement to your family program in session but is specifically tailored to support the family and help them understand the need for their old processes and systems to be readdressed.

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Family Assessment: Patti has years of experience assessing the family system and helping to make appropriate recommendations for a treatment plan.

Treatment Planning: While their loved one is receiving substance abuse treatment, we offer a tailored plan for the family to address their own needs as well as a game plan for how to more effectively support their loved one after treatment.

Specialize in Family Support: Included in our program we offer an hour of one on one virtual support as well as weekly 2-hour group therapy support.  This is an extraordinarily unique and important service that can make a huge difference to a patients’ outcomes.

Education Groups: More to be added.

Process Groups:

Aftercare Group: 


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