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Going the Extra Distance to Help Families!

Virtual Family Groups are an important resource for family members and friends who have a loved one living with a mental health condition. These groups provide caring support, insightful group wisdom and coping strategies/boundary setting skills that will empower you to become better prepared in times of crisis. Living with the everyday struggles of someone with a mental illness and their often refusal and/or inability to seek proper treatment can take more of a toll on family members and friends than the person suffering with the illness.

Through the CanAm Interventions’ Virtual Family Groups, you will find a network of people that understand what you’re going through, be able to create and exchange ideas that help you take care of yourself and your family and a chance to share your experience and learn from others who have been there.


Our support group is an interactive and educational support group for families coping with a loved one’s addiction. Family members have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss their concerns, and build community with other families in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Meetings are facilitated by people in recovery who provide a unique and insightful first-hand account of addiction. Facilitators provide an honest perspective on how to approach a loved one and strive to inspire hope.

Through group meetings, you get to learn each other’s effective ways of coping, while gaining some peace of mind and hope for a better way to live. Help each other by sharing your experience, strength and hope. This way you feel free to say what’s on our minds and in our hearts.

To protect everyone’s anonymity, we only use first names. The names and stories shared in confidence aren’t repeated outside of group meetings. You won’t be forced to speak, but you can always ask questions after meetings. We understand how you feel, so know that it’s a great relief to learn about more effective ways to cope with this disease. And remember, you’re no longer alone.

How To Join

Any family members interested in attending via computer or phone, please email us so we can provide you with the invitation link and instructions on how to join. You can also contact us at 1-800-638-1812 or text 415-827-3725.


During these changing times, Patricia M. Pike, CEO of CanAm Interventions, is committed to meeting the needs of her clients and families. Families may come from different geographic locations and aren’t always able to travel to engage in a family program.

Ms. Pike has developed the Virtual Family Groups in order to assess, educate, and most importantly support family members while their loved ones are in treatment.

Our Virtual Family Groups are offered as a standalone service or as a supplemental service to your family program, but are specifically tailored to support families and help them understand the need for their old processes and systems to be readdressed.


Virtual Family Groups Steps:

  • Family Assessment
  • Family Treatment Plan
  • Family Education
  • Family Support Groups
  • Aftercare Services

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