Types of Addictions Abuse


According to SAMHSA substance use disorders occur when the recurrent use of alcohol and/or drugs causes clinically significant impairment, including health problems, disability, and failure to meet major responsibilities at work, school, or home. Substance abuse addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is a progressive behavioral health problem that impacts an individual’s ability to think rational or be honest, believing (they) don’t have a problem and/or (they) can control their use of drugs and/or alcohol.  Substance abuse addictions has a large effects on families and/or friends directly or indirectly.

Below are some videos on some commonly abused drugs:

Alcohol: World’s Most Dangerous Drug

Opioids: How fentanyl is making the opioid epidemic even worse

Cocaine: Lawyer Brian Cuban discusses his experience with cocaine addiction

Benzodiazepines: Benzodiazepine Dependence and Withdrawal – How to Avoid Addiction

Below are some videos on some commonly abused behaviors:

Sex/Pornography: What is Sex Addiction? 6 Signs & Symptoms.

Compulsive Eating: BED: Revealing Binge Eating Disorder from a Clinical and a Patient Perspective

Video Gaming: Escaping video game addiction:

Self-Harm: Cutting and self-injurious behaviors

CanAm Interventions clarity statement on these types of treatment includes:

In the section below you will find emerging ideas in the treatment of trauma and addiction. We are not recommending anything by including it here, sharing new explorations in recovery.

Plant Medicine and the use of Psychedelics in trauma and addiction recovery Information.

Ayahuasca: Dr. Gabor Maté discusses his biographical experience of Ayhuasca and the applications for use in healing and recovery.

Ibogaine: A Spiritual Mentor and Integrative Plant Medicine Guide, Zeerak Khan, discusses her motivation to experience Iboga.

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