Treatment Placement & Transportation

“A new life is on the other side” – Patricia Pike

CanAm Interventions has placed thousands of persons into various treatment modalities for over 26 years.

Treatment planning, helping families research and place “identified patients” into treatment, follow up with a treatment program after clients enter also following up with families. This starts with a telephone call from a concerned family or friend looming for treatment from their loved ones or a referral from a professional.

We provide 24/7 treatment transportation and can help families make all the travel arrangements to make sure their loved ones enter treatment successfully.

Steps to Treatment Placement

  • Gathering information on private pay and/or insurance-based needs
  • Matching treatment based on the client’s addictions or mental health diagnoses
  • Setting up the treatment intake through the admission process
  • Arranging for treatment transports into treatment programs
  • Treatment placement within 24 hours

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