Treating Adiiction and Attachment Trauma using long term Case Maangement

Attachment-Based Family Therapy / Case Management, supports family therapy model, specifically designed to target families and individual to gain interpersonal skills through the process experience.

ABF theory association to the lack of disconnection within families or individuals that do not have the ability, to formulate emotions, due to complex trauma or a lack of developing skills from childhood, adolescent years, historic family system that are unable to name emotions, or sharing feelings.

Attachment disorders emerges from interpersonal issues that suggest persons have anxiety, depression, mental health, complex trauma, addictions can be exacerbated by the quality of interpersonal relationships within families systems.

ABFT – is a trust-based, emotion-focused psychotherapy model that aims to repair interpersonal ruptures and rebuild an emotionally protective, secure-based parent–child relationship.

Treatment is characterized by five treatment tasks:
•Reframing case management to focus on interpersonal development
•Building alliance with the family systems using attachment models
•Building alliance with the parents to learn to accept and support the development of their loved ones.
•Facilitating conversations to resolve attachment ruptures
•Promoting autonomy and competency within the family system using long terms case management approaches

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