Patricia M. Pike

Patricia Pike CEO of CanAm Interventions is an International Interventionist and Addiction Specialist working in the chemical dependency field supporting clients and their families wounded by addiction and its associated mental health disorders. She is a highly effective Trauma-Informed and Family Systemic Interventionist with an extraordinary success rate of 92% for helping those in need of getting into treatment and recovery, as well as helping and facilitating the healing process for the identified addict’s families, friends, associates, and employers, and resolving the myriad complications and difficulties associated with addiction.

 Addictions are a global crisis and it has never been more important to have highly effective and ethical approaches for interventions from certified and credentialed interventionists. Patricia M. Pike (LAADC, CAADC II, ICADC & CIP) is a highly trained expert with over 25 years of professional experience and 26 years of her own personal recovery from addictions holds an accredited certification in addiction studies both in the U.S. and Canada., who has conducted many successful interventions internationally and help hundreds of people find recovery. Her educational background includes; Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADAC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC II), long-standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federation, Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor through the IC &RC (I.C.A.D.C)Board Certified Intervention Professional (CIP/PCB) and AID-Adult Instructor Diploma (AID)/Simon Fraser Extended Program.


• CIP/PCB- Certified Intervention Professional/Pennsylvania Certification Board

• LAADC- Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor/ California

• CAADC-II- Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor II/ California

• I.C.A.D.C- International Certified Addiction Counselor/Canada

• AID-Adult Instructor Diploma (AID)/Simon Fraser Extended Program, BC, Canada

• NAADAC-Education Provider/National Association for Alcoholism Drug Counselors

• CACCF-Education Provider/Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federations

• AIS – Association of Intervention Specialists/Professional Affiliations

• NII- Network of Independent Interventionists/Professional Affiliations

Ms. Pike is the founder of both Can Am Interventions, , facilitating traditional and family systemic interventions, case management services, addiction assessments, treatment referrals and working closely with other professionals to meet the needs of her client’s. Patricia holds citizenship both in the U.S. and Canada which gives her a diverse perspective of working in both countries. She has worked with highly qualified professionals in the addiction and mental health field, using best practice approaches both on intervention cases and in her addiction private practice services.

Ms. Pike’s best practice approaches include; family systemic interventions, surprise approach interventions, complex trauma & mental health interventions, attachment disorder interventions, love addiction interventions, codependency, and relational interventions, addiction interventions, alcohol interventions, and behavioral interventions. Facilitation of therapeutic models such as; client-centered approaches, solution-focused therapy model, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, the disease model, attachment theory & model, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the model of change approaches.


Ms. Pike is an Intervention Educator that has developed an Intervention skills & training manual, offering training seminars internationally to other professionals both in Canada and the U.S. Her beliefs in the process of interventions for families and organizations is a way to strengthen and educating other professionals by providing professional interventions and case management skills, to better equip the professional community.


1991 – 2016 Includes; Addiction & Mental Health Programs, facilitation of addiction, complex trauma & behavioral treatment for adults and adolescents in various Community Outpatient & Inpatient programs, both in Vancouver British Columbia and San Francisco Bay Area and, Addiction & Intervention Education Program Development internationally. 


Patricia believes strongly in fairness, equality, she is passionate about helping her clients and their families get back on track to living authentic lives, to find purpose and self-dignity. Ms. Pike understands addiction personally and can identify with the suffering addicted persons and has worked professionally with many persons from all walks of life which has given her much experience including; diverse cultures, first nation populations, music, and the entertainment industry, business and professionals clients, adolescents, adults, and older adults,  using unique and alternative approaches in all of her cases.

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