Howie Marlin

Howard B (Howie) Marlin is a Masters Level Addictions Counselor, Crisis Interventionist, Emergency Services Clinician and Addictions Interventionist who earned his BA in Counseling Psychology from Stockton State University, and Masters in Education from Cambridge College in 1985. He is a Licensed Addictions Specialist at the senior level accepting insurances- LADC1; Board Certified Intervention Professional through the Pennsylvania Certification Board- CIP; Certificated in Traumatic Stress Studies from The Trauma Center at JRI; as well as Certified Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach for The ER, and Recovery Coach Professional Certification through CCAR- Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery.

Industry association memberships include Association for Intervention Specialists-AIS, National Association For Addiction Professionals-NAADAC, The Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association, Inc- MaMHCA, and the American Counseling Association-ACA.

Trained by Jeff and Debra Jay on Love First ““confrontational”, and Dr. Judith Landow on Arise-Network “invitational” disciplines of intervention, Howie treats all engagements from a Family Systemic Intervention model. He practices from his home office on Martha’s Vineyard serving families in need and providing interventions and intervention training in the United States and Canada.

Howie has worked in a number of Psychiatric Hospitals, an Alternative Education High School, has run a number of Alcohol and Drug Education and Group Therapy Programs, incorporating mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapies, and motivational interviewing techniques. He launched into interventions after eleven years of working through the emergency department of his local hospital, and as a member of the Substance Use Disorder Team, where he served hundreds of clients dealing with a diversity of mental health conditions impacted by polysubstance engagements, through the diagnosis, insurance authorization, placement, and transportation process, providing substance intervention and counseling services along the way.

But Howie is no angel. Growing up in Asbury Park NJ, he struggled with abuse, depression, and polysubstance throughout his childhood and into his early twenties. His mantra “Miracles Happen Every Day” came from the fact that he was able to stop the madness and turn his focus on self-improvement after getting help from a tree (ask him about that) and a number of other sources. Married for almost thirty five years, with two (one married/the other engaged) healthy children, a pilot for more than ten years who flies with the USCG-AuxAir, and musician who still kicks out the drums in his home studio, he is cut from his own cloth and proud to share his visions of what could be and how to achieve it.

Howie is host and producer of the Video Podcast: “Addiction-Got A Minute?” along with “co-host from the west coast Patti Pike” found on MVTV.ORG and on YouTube.

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