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What Is Sober Transport?

Sober transport or therapeutic transport is the service of having a professional sober or therapeutic companion accompany someone to a location for treatment. This may be someone suffering from a substance use disorder, or it may be someone working through a mental health or other behavioral health issue.

What Are the Benefits of Sober or Therapeutic Transport?

Ensuring that someone needing treatment will be able to get to that location safely (and without hurting themselves or using substances on the way there) is one of the most important considerations for treatment, especially if someone is unable or unwilling to go with their family. CanAm Interventions Sober transport services serve symbolically as a clean break for the person battling a substance abuse disorder or mental health issue, where they are both assured of their safety and given someone to talk to and confide with en route.

We Have Clinicians Who Can Be at Your Home or Office in Less Than 24 Hours

Our transportation services specialize in providing sober transportation and safe passages for clients to and from inpatient treatment and aftercare facilities. We have found that following an intervention or during times of change clients can feel raw or emotional which makes it important to have supervision and companionship during this critical next stage.

Our experienced staff provides comfort and guidance during what can often be a stressful time in the initial stage of recovery. We offer these sober transportation services to our in-house interventions as well as outsourcing to other professionals and families around the world.

Help begins here. CanAm Interventions is ready to hear your story.

Inspiring You to Live a Sober Lifestyle

We can provide professional full-time sober companions who are trained to deliver clients pre, post and during treatment to their destinations, with the knowledge that their transportation is safe from harm or unwelcome temptations.

Whether you are a client in need, a parent, a business partner, or a caring professional, you can rest assured that your safe transportation needs will be met by one of our Sober Transporters.


We operate around the World – We are not only able to drive clients, but can also accompany them on public or private transportation including planes, trains, ferries and automobiles

Safety and Comfort – We maintain their well-being, safety and comfort throughout the journey so that you can rest assured that they will have arrived without harm.

Stay in Touch – We stay in touch with all parties and really do take the stress away from any concerned relatives, care managers or treatment facility staff.

Anonymous – Sober Transporters remain anonymous and are bound by confidentiality. We may be introduced as a friend, relative, or as an associate of sorts. We will play whatever part required to maintain the client’s discretion and anonymity whilst leaving them feeling safe in their surroundings.

Any occasion – Sober Transporters can be employed when someone requires safe transit to or from any type of meeting or engagement such as visits to a lawyer, hospital appointments, family affairs, weddings etc.

Fully Trained – The Sober Transporter is trained to diffuse the anxiety that accompanies new sobriety. They are usually sober and drug free themselves, so they can present a role model and healthy conversation. A good Sober Transporter can turn a difficult, angry trip into a learning experience, even into an enjoyable trip.

Our only goal is to deliver you or your client safely without any further unnecessary alcohol or substance use.

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