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Case Management & Aftercare

"The work is worth it"

Patricia Pike
CanAm Interventions

Who can benefit: Families that are ready to rebuild relationships and invest in developing new family agreements (new rules of engagement and operation).

CanAm Interventions take pride in providing family and client case management. All across the United States and Canada, families, individuals, and communities, health care systems are challenged by addictions, mental health and the effects are not only on the untreated person with addictions, but it is also affecting the families. 

It is vital to provide education, improve awareness on the nature of substance abuse and the importance for families to be involved in the process of recovery.


  • Rebuilding trust
  • Build healthy communication based on honesty and respect
  • We identify specific rules that driving family patterns and identify new healthy rules to replace old destructive rules. 
  • Establish family agreements
  • identify the governing rules that dictate and support the unhealthy and ineffective patterns of interaction
  • Clear the air of tension and old offenses
  • More family-specific issues and goals are identified in the intake process.

CanAm Interventions will provide thirty days to two years of case management services to both clients leaving treatment and families. The data shows long-term positive effects on clients and families accessing aftercare services for up to two years.

  • Mostly, when loved ones accept treatment either in-patient, outpatient and /or community-based treatment centers, families are so excited that their focus is on their loved one making changes.
  • It is the family that needs to make personal changes too by gaining support and direction from a professional managing the family.

If the family does not learn a new language on how to communicate with their loved one, the family member will sabotage and interrupt their loved one’s treatment.

  • The goal of family case management and client-centered recovery support services approach is to help the whole family system remain accountable and that no one person in the family needs to be alone during nor after the process of accepting professional help.
  • This helps families to deal with not only their loved one’s behaviors, but it also creates family awareness and personal healing to stop the patterns that cause unhealthy relationships. It also starts the process of making the changes within your family before the IP leaves primary treatment.​

Case Management Steps / Client Aftercare Services:

  1. Assessment with the client and/or family
  2. Fee structure
  3. 30 days to two years case management services
  4. Contract signed
  5. Treatment planning based on
  6. Presenting problem
  7. Objective
  8. Client steps and action plan
  9. Case manager steps and action plan
  10. Commitment sign off by client and family
  11. Weekly meetings via telephone, video or in-person
  12. Sober coaches if needed to make a successful aftercare outcome
  13. Family support services

Case Management includes: assessment and treatment planning, addiction doctors, psychotherapist services, telephone & text consults, crisis management, weekly case management meetings, and other support services needed in the community.

CanAm Interventions provides Family Consultation and Coaching as a way to support families and friends on their own recovery process. This is a great way to invest in your families recovery path.

At CanAm Interventions, we provide individualize family consultation and family coaching to the entire families. 

This is the time for your family, to learn and practice healthy boundaries to embrace the much-needed changes.