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Let us tell you about some of the things we do.

Individual or Family Consultation

Family Consulting usually originates from a telephone call from a family member concerned about their loved one’s addictions to drugs and/or alcohol, mental health or trauma and /or self-destructive behaviors. Working in the addiction and mental health field for over 26 years, it is very clear, families are in a lot of pain and held emotionally hostage by their loved one’s pain.

Case Management & Aftercare

CanAm Interventions take pride in providing family and client case management. All across the United States and Canada, families, individuals, and communities, health care systems are challenged by addictions, mental health and the effects are not only on the untreated person with addictions, but it is also affecting the families. 

It is vital to provide education, improve awareness on the nature of substance abuse and the importance for families to be involved in the process of recovery.

Recovery Companionship

CanAm interventions offer recovery companionship gender-specific to help individuals needing extra one on one support either in the early stages of getting help for their addictions or mental health issues or after completing inpatient or outpatient treatment.  Our services provide 24/7 companionship support services with comprehensive and personalized treatment plans.


CanAm Interventions is a big advocate of building healthy attachments relationships, gaining life skills, to better equip to meet personal challenges and most of all to remain free from drugs and alcohol.

Treatment Placement & Transportation

CanAm Interventions has placed thousands of persons into various treatment modalities for over 26 years.

Treatment planning, helping families research and place “identified patients” into treatment, follow up with a treatment program after clients enter also following up with families. This starts with a telephone call from a concerned family or friend looming for treatment from their loved ones or a referral from a professional.