Screening questions for Families that have loved ones suffering with addictions.

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  • This is a screening tool that can help you determine if your loved one has a problem:
    If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions, you need to seek professional help.
  • Are you being held hostage by an untreated persons addiction and or behaviors? Or do you feel like your family or friends is being held hostage?
  • Do you feel like you are walking around on egg shells and /or uncomfortable in your own home because of your loved one’s addiction / behaviors?
  • Are you lying to your partner, children, friends and others about your loved one’s addiction/ behaviors? 
  • Are you engaging and debating with your loved one, perhaps unaware or fully aware you are enabling your loved one’s behaviors/ addiction?
  • Do you give in because you feel beat down by an untreated persons behaviors/ addiction and/or just cannot deal with the situation and give in, even when you swear to yourself that you will not?
  • Are you lying to yourself and others to hide their problem or attempt to protect their reputation?
  • Do you feel like you are keeping your love one alive by letting them stay at home, use drugs, and/or that you are being consumed and controlled by your concerns about their safety and well being daily?
  • Are you staying awake worrying about how you are going to help or come up with funds for your loved one’s problems?
  • Do you feel that you are living part of your loved one’s life by involving yourself with buying drugs and alcohol and hiding it from everyone?
  • Are you seeing the progression that drugs and alcohol is increasing and causing more damage in your loved one’s life?
  • Are you feeling embarrassed, ashamed and alone or trapped in your loved one’s addiction patterns?
  • Has your loved one been convicted of a crime for drug or alcohol related issues or have you put yourself into risky situation because of your loved one’s lifestyle?
  • Do you feel abused daily by your loved one’s addictions?
  • Are you being truthful with yourself that your loved one has a chronic addiction?
  • Are there any children negatively impacted by your loved one’s addiction?

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