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What Is Case Management?

Case management is one of the primary services offered to individuals and families who face multiple challenges, including severe mental illness and addiction. Case management provides education and professional accountability for individuals affected by addictions and/or mental health challenges. Case Management will help minimize the emotional pressures families and/or individuals experience while building healthy relationships through the recovery process.

Professional case managers at CanAm Interventions work with the mission to identify and reduce the challenges that individuals like yourself are having when seeking care. Each team member strives to make a difference in the lives of every patient we serve, to allow more time to focus on medical recovery, to reduce everyday stress compounded by insurance frustration and mishaps, and to ensure that financial pressures do not compromise quality care. Working alongside patients or their loved ones, we gladly take the lead on some of the most complex healthcare challenges and bring decades of collective experience to the problem.

Our individual Case Management offers a way to navigate the maze of treatment options and manage the recovery process.  We hold the treatment providers accountable and provide oversight for all situations with the provider’s care. We become a single point of contact providing strategy and guidance, while ensuring collaboration and information flow.  We are vigilant in doing what is in the best interest for our clients and families. We know how to navigate the treatment maze and behavioral health care systems. Since we know the internet can be misleading, we interview, evaluate and personally visit all treatment centers we work with.


The Case Management Process

  • Our case managers cultivate a relationship with each client to gain a better understanding of their challenges, goals and circumstances.
  • Based on this shared understanding, the case manager is then able to recommend personalized care based on clinical need.
  • We continually evaluate treatment effectiveness and refine the treatment process as circumstances change.

Active case management allows us to have a more insightful look into each patient’s recovery, avoid hospitalization when appropriate, and ultimately provide a more integrated route to healing. Whenever possible, we strive to help each client achieve growth without disruption. Explore Valley’s distinct collection of behavioral and mental health programs to learn more.

Why Is Case Management Crucial In Treatment?

We don’t believe there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach to someone’s care plan. CanAm Interventions collaborates with professionals while utilizing our expertise and experience as we coordinate and communicate with everyone involved. We identify and execute an individualized “treatment plan” that will give us the best chance for sustainable health and healing.  We believe in appropriate levels of care and an individualized plan. We adapt to our client’s needs and advocate for them, ensuring the best in continuity of care throughout the Case Management process.

Your case manager at CanAm Interventions will collect and track the relevant information from all parties involved in your medical, legal, or social care as well as from personal stakeholders like family members, employers, trustees, or assistants. Your case manager will keep everyone apprised of new developments and allow each person to make fully informed judgments and decisions.

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 Is A Private Case Manager Right for Me?

Case management services are ideal for individuals who need medical care, behavioral healthcare, legal or social services, and/or individuals who will need to coordinate between providers or relevant professionals. This is frequently the case among individuals with drug or alcohol use disorders, other addictions, or behavioral health concerns. These issues require medical attention, but may also be accompanied by legal, financial, or social problems. A case manager takes on the role of care coordination to make the entire process easier and more streamlined.

While case management is particularly helpful for complex cases, you don’t need to have a complicated background to benefit from working with a case manager.

Some Reasons to Seek for Case Management Services

Time: Many people choose case management services because they cannot dedicate the time necessary for organizing their own or their loved one’s care.

Navigating Complex Situations: Others find that case managers can play a vital role in navigating confusing medical or legal systems, particularly if there are cultural or language barriers involved.

Inside Knowledge: Case managers understand the ins and outs of their fields and will be able to guide you through the process of getting the care or assistance that you need.

Expertise: Overseeing a treatment plan and coordinating care can quickly become overwhelming for an individual or a family member who has other responsibilities and no experience with the systems involved. If you are in this situation and need assistance, working with a case manager will provide the relief you are seeking.

The best way to find out if private case management services will help you or your family is to reach out to CanAm Interventions and talk to our staff. We provide in-person and remote case management services consultations nationwide so we can learn more about your situation and recommend the service or services that will be best suited to your needs. When you work with us, you will gain an experienced team of seamlessly coordinated professionals who are dedicated to your needs and your well-being.

Private Case Management Services at CanAm Interventions

For clients who do not yet have a comprehensive treatment team, we can assist in finding local providers in relevant clinical professions (e.g., specialized therapist, psychiatrist, nutritionist).

  • We provide individually assigned case managers who guide you through regular in-person or remote meetings, as well as keep in frequent phone contact.
  • We can connect you to appropriate community-based resources that cover holistic needs (e.g., social, recreational, housing, educational, clinical, vocational, self-help, medical/health), including finding housing and providing move-in support.
  • We will create a complete case management plan with short- and long-term goals, and include tracking of your progress.
  • We implement drug testing, alcohol monitoring, and other monitoring services when necessary.
  • We develop a therapeutic or behavior contract with specific consequences for noncompliance and ongoing monitoring of contract.
  • We help identify appropriate local clinical groups or self-help meetings.
  • We facilitate meetings with professionals for long-term planning needs (e.g., special needs financial planners, guardianship attorneys).
  • We provide weekly updates to the treatment team, family members, advisors, or employers, as well as coordinate regular treatment team meetings.
  • We handle interfacing with insurance companies or other funding sources.
  • We compile and track medical records from past inpatient and outpatient providers.
  • We offer crisis management and after-hours support.

Preparing A Mental Health Treatment Plan

Your case manager and other members of the treating team will work with you to prepare a treatment plan that is designed to meet your specific needs. You and your nominated person, family, or advocate will be involved in planning your treatment.

You are able to make an Advanced Statement, which also provides the service with your preferences. If you have dependent children, then you can talk to your health service case manager to help you to plan for the services and support your family may need.

The case manager will work with you to look at:

  • your current situation
  • establishing goals you want to work on to improve your situation
  • the strategies needed to reach those goals
  • who will be involved
  • how you will review your individual service plan, including a date for that review.

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