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Supporting Your Recovery from Alcohol or Drug Addictions

Every year, thousands of people enter inpatient treatment centers to recover from addiction. These programs provide a safe, structured environment for learning and developing a new, healthy and satisfying way of life.

While rehab comes with a unique set of challenges, the most difficult time for many recovering individuals is often the first 90 to 180 days after leaving treatment. Returning to the same familiar environment that surrounded you while you were in the depths of your addiction can be highly triggering, while the stressors of the “real world” can all feel overwhelming and threaten to your newfound sobriety. This fragile time is when recovery monitoring and coaching can be enormously beneficial.

Convenient and confidential, CanAm Interventions provides you and your loved ones with personalized, phone-based, addiction recovery coaching by licensed counselors.

You can receive monitoring and accountability reports as part of the program, and random drug testing is also an option, as appropriate. These services are all part of CanAm Interventions intensive combination of recovery support and monitoring that has proven to be especially helpful for individuals who:

  • Have been through treatment multiple times
  • Are facing the loss of a professional license
  • Are struggling with legal issues or custody matters
  • Are planning to return to college
  • Need additional accountability
  • Successfully Navigate Early Recovery from Addiction with CanAm Interventions
  • Sober Recovery Support within Reach

Having A Qualified Recovery Coach.

Your first weeks and months clean and sober are critical. Honesty and accountability are key. Recovery coaching, guidance and support from the outset can help pave the way to long-term sobriety.

Through CanAm Interventions, family members and/or other key stakeholders designated by you—such as your employer, licensing board, school administrator or probation officer—are able to stay informed and involved in your recovery, too.

CanAm Interventions incorporate the most promising drug and alcohol addiction recovery support practices, including:

  • Intensive, personal sober coaching and case management
  • Frequent phone contact with a recovery coach—for you and designated family members
  • Documented recovery compliance updates
  • Random drug testing for accountability (monitoring services)

These activities help to strengthen your sobriety while also promoting peace of mind for your loved ones.

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