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Watching a loved one continue down a path of substance abuse and self-destruction is devastating. As their life hangs in the balance, you may feel powerless and afraid that you’ll further distance the addicted person from you by insisting they get help.

As drug treatment and intervention professionals, we are trained and experienced in cutting through the inevitable confusion, emotion and stress in these situations to establish ground rules and a framework for a successful outcome.

CanAm Interventions Contractual Agreements and Policy

Clients who request for services after a free 30-minute consultation call will receive a professional package from CanAm Interventions, which will include a contract.

It’s critical to read the agreement details in the professional package and. It specifies that the client(s) agree to collaborate with Ms. Pike so that she can carry out her responsibilities as outlined in the contractual agreement for Ms. Pike’s professional services.

Clients realize that there are no guarantees that those suffering from addiction and/or mental health issues would accept the treatment plan that CanAm Interventions has recommended and arranged.

Furthermore, there are no guarantees of success in treating clients and/or families, either in the short or long term. Services fees and costs will be discussed with family and/or friends.

Full Intervention Services

Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friendsInterventions are not therapy sessions. An Intervention, in all of its many forms, is an invitation for your loved one to find solutions for their substance abuse and/or mental health problems they are experiencing, seek appropriate treatment solutions and discover new healthy ways of living.

The Interventionist will guide the entire intervention process, advocating for the family, friends, and individuals struggling with addictions and/or mental health challenges.

The main goal of a successful intervention is to get the addict to agree to go to a treatment facility.

At CanAm Interventions, we help family and/or friends manage the complexities of addictions and/or mental health challenges by providing them skills to become more equipped and understand them.

Our Intervention Services

Recovery Case Management: Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friendsCase Management is designed to support individuals completing treatment programs as well as families needing professional support, whether their loved one enters a treatment program or is still deciding whether they will accept treatment.

Treatment Aftercare: Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friendsEach aftercare plan is specifically tailored to the individual, drawing on the most important concepts from the treatment program to take further into the recovery process. This can include relapse prevention techniques, how to avoid triggers, how to rebuild relationships, and how to stay grounded in your sobriety.

Individual and Family Assessment & Consultation: Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friends. This consultation and assessment are an intensive and holistic look at all that is going on in the individual’s life and all that they suffer with, be it addiction, mental health, behavioral issues and anything else.

Recovery Coaching and Monitoring: Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friendsWhile rehab comes with a unique set of challenges, the most difficult time for many recovering individuals is often the first 90 to 180 days after leaving treatment. Returning to the same familiar environment that surrounded you while you were in the depths of your addiction can be highly triggering. This fragile time is when recovery monitoring and coaching can be enormously beneficial.

Transportation Companionship – Sober Transport: Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friendsOur transportation services specialize in providing sober transportation and safe passages for clients to and from inpatient treatment and aftercare facilities. Our only goal is to deliver you or your client safely without any further unnecessary alcohol or substance use.

Private Home Detox: Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friends. Medical Detox can be arranged as part of your Home-based Recovery Process, our services are affordable, effective and confidential. We will help you withdraw from alcohol, opioids, and other drugs on an outpatient basis, while you continue to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own home, without going into a rehab or hospital.

Family Virtual Groups: Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friends. The Virtual Family Groups are 30 days in duration. We ask families to commit to three hours each week for the entire 30 days. This can help your family, to engage in understanding treatment for substance abuse and the effects of addiction on families.

Professional Intervention Training Course: CanAm Interventions Training (101) is a three-day practical intervention and training course that teaches intervention and case management skills. For additional information about upcoming intervention training sessions, please visit the intervention registration page.

Our Intervention Steps Includes:

    1. Family Assessment Meeting

    The interventionist first finds out about the extent of your loved one’s problem and research the condition and treatment programs.

    The interventionist comes up with a complete assessment and treatment plan for the identified individual and family members who are struggling with addiction or mental health issues and determine the type of intervention that will be most effective.

    And may initiate arrangements to enroll your loved one in a specific treatment program.

    1. Form the Intervention Team

    A team is formed by gathering family, friends and sometimes a coworker or boss. The intervention specialist will offer support by educating all participants on addiction, mental health challenges, recovery treatment process and other intervention processes. Meet our strategic partners.

    1. Preparation and Rehearsal

    Someone struggling with drug abuse or addiction might not see how their actions affect others. Friends and family can help trigger a “moment of clarity” by describing their concerns and ways the addicted person has hurt them. These stories should be pre-written and reviewed by a professional, along with the other members of the intervention team, before the intervention. Everyone must rehearse and prepare for the family intervention with guidance and clarity on the topics that will be discussed.

    1. Make Plan

    This includes scheduling a specific day, time of day, location, and guest list. The space where the family intervention is held should be familiar and non-threatening to the addict. This puts the person more at ease during the intervention and will increase the chances of success. It will also be helpful to try to schedule a meeting time when the addict will not be extremely intoxicated.

    1. Decide on Specific Consequences

    If your loved one doesn’t accept treatment, each person on the team needs to decide what action he or she will take.

    1. Treatment Referrals

    Since the goal of the intervention is to get the addict into treatment. It’s important that you have chosen the treatment centers before doing the intervention.  It goes without saying that arrangements must be made in advance.

    There are many types of treatment centers out there. Make sure that you do the research to find one that meets your needs and coordinate with the staff. The treatment placement process includes gathering information about the family’s insurance policy and/or private pay budget.

    1. Hold Intervention Meeting

    Without revealing the reason, your loved one with the addiction is asked to the intervention site. Members of the team then take turns expressing their concerns and feelings. Your loved one is presented with a treatment option and asked to accept that option on the spot. Each team member will say what specific changes he or she will make if your loved one doesn’t accept the plan.

    The Intervention is directed by the Certified Intervention professional.

    1. Travel Coordination

    The Certified Intervention Professional supports the family in making travel arrangements with the selected treatment program for the identified individual, with clear steps, goals, and guidelines.

    1. Intervention Aftercare Services

    Post-intervention/aftercare case management is recommended. Studies have shown that individuals and families that participate in aftercare and case management services have a higher level of success.

    1. Follow Up

    Involving a spouse, family members or others is critical to help someone with an addiction stay in treatment and avoid relapsing. This can include changing patterns of everyday living to make it easier to avoid destructive behavior, offering to participate in counseling with your loved one, seeking your own therapist and recovery support, and knowing what to do if relapse occurs.

Request A Free Consultation

Consultations at CanAm Interventions are complimentary and offer the opportunity to freely and confidentially discuss your situation with a Certified Intervention Professional.

We look forward to helping you learn more about our method and the step-by-step support you’ll receive from our team in the process of intervention.

Together, we can save a life.

After an initial 30 minute free consultation call, if client request services. CanAm Interventions will email a professional package including a contract to clients requesting services.

It is important to read the agreement details in the professional package and contract. It states, client(s) agree to cooperate with Ms. Pike so she can perform her duties under the contractual agreement regarding the outcome of Ms. Pike’s professional services.

Client (s) fully understand that there are no guarantees that individuals suffering with addiction and/or mental health challenges will accept the treatment plan that’s been recommended and arranged by Can Am Interventions.

Furthermore, there are no guarantees of success either in the short-term or long-term of treating clients and/or families. Fees and cost for services will be discussed with family members and/or friends.

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