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Courses in intervention training were created to help professionals prepare for the steps to becoming a Certified Intervention Professional!

Upcoming Online Intervention 101 Training April 2022

Introductory Training (Virtual & Live)

The principles, ideologies, and common practices underpin the most widely used intervention and case management methods are covered in this course. It also provides students with resources and networks, and it can be used as a sufficient guideline for professionals wishing to change industries or add value to their current professions. Those in the addiction, mental health, medical, legal, and first-responder areas will benefit from this training. Students will be given explicit instructions on how to obtain the Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) designation if they feel compelled to do so.

Intervention 101 & Case Management Training Course! Interventions 101 Training Courses are a combination of educational workshops and hands-on orientation and training that teach intervention and case management skills. Course Highlights

Interventions 101 explains terms and concepts before laying out the processes to achieve national certification for individuals seeking to be Certified Intervention Professionals or to serve as supporting team members.

  • Beneficial for people working in the addiction, mental health, medical, legal, and first responder areas.
  • Three-day orientation focused on the principles, philosophies, and basics underpinning the most prominent intervention disciplines used today.
  • Gives a high-level summary of what to expect, how to effectively assist in the intervention process, and introduces resources and associations.

Educational Workshops

The following are the six components of our educational workshops: Interventions 101 training is a six-module training program. It is a complete program that includes both educational workshops and practical training for professionals.

Module 1: This module focuses on the ideas and philosophies of intervention and introduces several intervention methodologies.

Module 2: This module gives an overview of the framework for pre-and post-intervention practical skills and case management.

Module 3: This module discusses the patterns and characteristics of addiction and mental illness, as well as how they influence individuals and their families.

Module 4: Clinical assessments, mental health diagnosis, addictions, and treatment are all covered in this module.

Session 5: This module covers ethical rules and practices, as well as professional organizations and how to become a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP).

Session 6: This module gives you a quick overview of business development and the advantages of developing and maintaining professional relationships.

Our students graduate from this program capable, prepared, and confident in their ability to pursue professions as interventionists. Students will also engage in live skill building sessions to practice case management and interventionist skills learnt.

Intervention Practical Training

Through practical and experience learning in a practice setting, participants will build skills in intervention and case management. This allows students to gain confidence and work through complicated theoretical problems, better preparing them for on-site support of future clients.

Accreditations approved by:

Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB)

Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF)

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CACCF).

Intervention Canada’s preferred Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) training facility.

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Patricia M. Pike is an award-winning behavioral health professional. She specializes in substance abuse disorders, process addictions, mental health disorders, sudden trauma, grief and loss.

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Intervention 101 Training Upcoming Dates:

April – 2022

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102 Intervention Supervision Training

February 8th to March 29th, 2022

An eight-week, three-hour-per-week structured intervention supervision course concentrating on the Certified Intervention Professional Certification from the Pennsylvania Certification Board. It covers Business Development and Intervention Professional Certifications, as well as particular instruction on how to complete the CIP application, practical intervention skills, CEU requirements, and hands-on experience from seasonal interventionists.

Our small group focus (15 participants per course) ensures specialized attention from our expert teachers as we progress through the 8-session course, which is designed to enable intervention work, treatment transport, and/or Family Case Management guidance.

102 Intervention Supervision Educational Workshops

Intervention Business Development

Intervention Certified Intervention Professional

Interventions Crisis Interventions

Interventions Family Systems

Intervention Philosophy & Cases

Intervention Interactive Experiential

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