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 3-day 21 CEUs Intervention “101” Training Courses

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CanAm Interventions professional interventions 1010 Training Courses are an orientation training program that focusing on the principles, philosophies, and basics behind the most popular intervention disciplines utilized today.

Our Interventions 101 Training Courses are beneficial for those working in the addiction, mental health, medical, legal and first responder fields. “Interventions 101” gives a broad overview of what is to be expected, introduces resources, and how best to assist in the intervention process.

Interventions 101 Training Courses work introduces terms  terms and concepts, and then lays out the steps necessary to achieve national certification, for those aspiring to become a certified intervention professional or assist as supportive team members.

Certified Intervention Professionals

Certified Intervention Professionals guide families, friends, and anyone in the general public through an intervention process that is designed to culminate in the substance user being encouraged to accept the professional help that is being offered.

Addiction is a matter of life or death, which makes being trained and specializing in this field a vital element of providing help.

At CanAm Interventions, Ms. Pike provides supervision to intern interventionists to support their continued certified intervention professional application through the  Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB). She has witnessed many intervention participants that have attended Interventions 101 Training Courses training course develop a private practices business and achieve great success internationally.

Who is an Interventionist?

A Certified Intervention Professional is a highly trained specialist who has specific training & skills in the area of addictions and/or mental health diagnoses. A Certified Intervention Professional provides support services to clients, often family and friends with the action of intervening on individual affected by substance abuse disorders and/or mental heath challenges.

An intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby loving family members and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and mental health, led by a trained addiction and/or mental health professional and/or Certified Intervention Professional.

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