Patricia M. Pike CEO + President of CanAm Interventions


Certified Intervention Professional and Addiction Specialist: Professional Interventions , Case Management, Treatment Placements , Sober Companionship & Transports , Assessment of Referrals, Aftercare Services, Family Consultation and Intervention Trainings.

Family Case Management & Recovery AfterCare Services

Patti has provided prompt effective case management for my family, expert advice based on her experience, coordination between complex family dynamics and rehab facilities, all of which have preserved my sanity and helped me considerably, I highly recommend Patti as an excellent interventionist and case manager. Alberta, Canada 2017-2018.

Patti’s involvement with my daughter’s rehab has been and continues to be invaluable to my family. We would not have been able to get to this point in my daughter’s recovery without Patti’s consistently unwavering support, intervention expertise and advocating on behalf of my daughter. California, 2018

Entertainment Industry

We take pride in making sure that our priority is helping our clients and will assure that they are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. We have experience in treating individuals in the entertainment field and we are well versed in the complexities and pressures faced by clients in the music and movie industries. It is vitally important to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and confidentially for our high profile clients.

Diverse Cultures-First Nation

We are professionally trained in working with diverse cultures and strongly support cultural diversity. We are well-equipped and flexible in our skill sets, with the utmost respect for our client’s beliefs and values in order to match their cultural needs in their family systems. With many years of experience in working with a broad range of cultures in the United States, Canada, and Internationally we can offer the highest levels of cultural sensitivity and care.

Alternative Approaches

We are professionally equipped to address many alternative intervention approaches for those wounded by drugs or alcoholism and complex trauma related issues. There are times when more traditional approaches to interventions and case management needs to be modified to fit the individual. After comprehensive assessment we can develop and implement the most appropriate methods and or alternative approaches using client-focused treatment planning, case management, and referrals to match our client’s needs.

Business & Professionals Cases

We are very familiar and experienced with working within the business, corporate, and professional communities. Our certified, credentialed and highly qualified interventionist knows how to meet the needs of corporate, professionals, and individual businesses. We fully understand the importance of sensitivity and confidentially inherent in these types of cases. Our extensive experience along with our highly professional expertise will assure the best outcome for our business clients.

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