Consultations & Treatment Placements:

“There is always a path forward” – Patricia M. Pike

 CanAm Interventions can set up an individual or family consultation, we are here to help!

 Families usually seek my consultation and treatment placement services because they are concerned about their loved one’s addictions and/or mental health challenges. Families are often at a loss when it comes to understanding how to support, or continue to support, their loved one.

At CanAm Interventions, we strongly believe meeting families using either a formal or informal assessment process, helps families determine the best next steps, to gain a sense of empowerment and hope, and set the foundation for successful treatment planning. By engaging in a consultation, families are taking action to solutions and are able to learn about appropriate resources, which can often include an intervention.

If a family is committed to moving forward with an intervention, CanAm Interventions can facilitate the intervention. If your family is unsure of what to do next or what steps to take to support your loved one, I encourage you to schedule a consultation.

A consultation begins the process of facilitating conversations between family and friends and offers a safe place to share thoughts and feelings about your loved one and the challenges being faced.

Patricia M. Pike, CanAm Interventions CEO, has helped thousands of individuals and families choose treatment programs domestically and internationally.

Consultation & Treatment Placement services can include:

  • Assessment
  • Substance use evaluation
  • individualized treatment planning
  • Screening for substance use
  • Overview of past and present treatment, legal, medical and mental health, and family history
  • Exploration of strengths, values, and goals
  • 24/7 treatment transportation
  • Coordination of arrangements to enter treatment

Assessment of Referrals:

Recovery is joining the winning side! Patricia M. Pike, CEO of CanAm Interventions, has helped thousands of individuals accept treatment at various treatment programs domestically and internationally. CanAm Interventions providing aftercare treatment services for individuals with addictions and/or mental health challenges. Aftercare treatment services can be an integral part of achieving long term recovery.

What is Aftercare Treatment Planning? It is similar to a discharge, such as when someone is leaving the hospital. Aftercare treatment planning offers an “continuum of care” for individuals leaving treatment and transitioning back into the community. Residential treatment programs typically include several days of closely monitored detox, followed by 30 to 120 days of intensive counseling and therapy as well aftercare recommendations.

CanAm Interventions’ Aftercare Treatment Services provides individuals with ongoing professional support to move forward in their recovery process.

Aftercare Treatment Services:

● Helps individuals learn how to be responsible and independent, and gain personal accountability for their sobriety
● Helps with the risk of relapse and provides monitoring services
● Helps individuals with the triggers of addictions and to learn practical coping skills to stay sober
● Provides assurance to family members that their loved one is staying sober
● Provides accountability for continuing with education and/or employment
● Provides individuals with a higher success rate of achieving long term sobriety
● Provides individuals with recovery support networks
● Helps individuals to explore and/or engage in education/employment and continue with a substance free lifestyle

Challenges of Re-entry back into the community:

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Drug abuse changes the function of the brain, and many things can “trigger” drug cravings within the brain. It’s critical for those in treatment, especially those treated at an inpatient/residential facility, to learn how to recognize, avoid, and cope with triggers that they are likely to be exposed to after treatment.

Each aftercare treatment plan is individualized and may include:

● Outpatient programs
● Mental health support referrals, including individual therapy, psychiatric support, family therapy, couples counseling
● Inpatient programs
● Family programs
● Al-Anon/Nar- Anon Family Groups
● AA/NA meetings
● Medical services
● Educational materials
● Recovery coaching
● Life skills programs
● Work programs
● Educational resources
● Fitness programs and support

Substance Abuse Assessment:

  • Standardized questionnaire provides information for assessments of referrals.
  • Assessment will focused on information related to the use and misuse of drug & alcohol.
  • Gathering information on current drug and/or alcohol and ingestion of use.
  • Screening for the exact amount of drugs and alcohol use.
  • Evaluating past and present treatment history will help the writer, to create a treatment plan, tailored to the individual needs.
  • Gaining information on past and current health history helps the writer, to involved medical providers as needed.
  • Effects on relationships with families, siblings, extended family members, marriages, work, children, employers and/or friends.
  • Engaging individuals in an exploration of strengths, values, and short and long term goals.
  • What are some behavior patterns and reactions,  related to substance abuse ?
  • Looking at patterns at work, employment history, school or criminal history.
  • Mental health history/diagnoses
  • Medication history / health concerns related to substance abuse

Steps to Treatment Placement:

We’ll stay with you the whole way! CanAm Interventions provides transport companionship to clients suffering with addiction and/or mental health challenges. Our transport companionship ensures that clients make to and from treatment and to their identified destination.

Transportation Companionship Services – May include:

● 24/7 treatment transportation companionship services
● Coordination of travel arrangements, to meet the clients needs.
● Transporting individuals into residential treatment
● Transporting individuals into detox programs
● Drug and alcohol screening and support services
● Transport/escort clients after Intervention services
● Nursing transport support services available as needed
● Transporting individuals from detox and/or residential treatment into their next step of support, whether that be back home or into sober living

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