How to stay hopeful when you are struggling with your loved ones drug or alcohol addictions?

As parents, we search in our souls, asking ourselves over and over , how can I convince my loved one to stop using drugs? How do I stop my loved one from killing themselves or living a destructive negative lifestyle?

I’ve had many conversations, phone calls and meetings with parents that are traumatized by their loved ones addictions or mental health choices. They live in fear of receiving a phone call that something terrible has happened to their child or family member.

As a mom that has gone through similar feelings of powerlessness, it is hard to watch from the sidelines and deal with a family member’s unwillingness to stop the use of drugs or alcohol, in-spite of the negative consequences.

Many parents need to hear, there is hope in doing the right things to stay in the solution, to be prepared to have recovery resources available, and most of all, to remain openminded to stay connected to their loved ones , no matter how you do that such as; telephone, texting, social media, mail or in person visits.

My personal understanding and compassion for parents, comes from my personal experience dealing with a family members that are addicted . I understand what it feels like to have a adult child powerless over stopping the use of drugs or alcohol.

If you have a family member or child that was suffering with a medical condition, would you give up on them? if they weren’t getting better? Would you try and do all you could do to help them?

Addiction is a disease of “never enough”. It is the disease of disconnection, a deadly disease that wants to push everyone that care for their addicted persons.

It is important for parents to understand , that once drugs or alcohol is activated in an addicted persons body, they immediately become powerless over stopping the obsession to use, compulsion to act and denial to continue to use drugs, in spite of the negative consequences.

If you have tried everything to help your child or family member to access help, profession treatment for substance abuse.

There is more to do, be positive by caring for yourself, access family case management, sober coaching,, look for RecoveryGroup resources, in the community that may help such as; outreach workers, family workers, addictions workers, nurses, support works, and many others.

Learn about the different approaches for addiction treatments , such as; harm reduction, animals therapy, school opportunities, work opportunities, medication management, or connecting with your loved ones.

Hope is the essential to have courage to continue to be a loving parents, and gaining support from professionals.

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